Sinopec, SK and BP Jointly Invest in Chongqing

The signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding on the BDO-Acetic Acid Integrated Project between Sinopec Sichuan Vinylon Works Group (SVW), South Korea's SK Chemicals Co., Ltd. and BP Chemicals Investments Limited was held in Chongqing on February 22. The project consists of a 200,000 tons/year BDO project, a 600,000 tons/year acetic acid project and the related supportive projects, with a total investment of about 7 billion. It has world-class technologies and economics of scale. The 200,000 tons/year BDO project is jointly invested by SK Chemicals and SVW, and the 600,000 tons/year acetic acid project is built on the existing production capacity of YARACO, a joint venture of BP Chemical, SVW and Chongqing Energy Investment Corporation.

Information source:Sinopec