Sinopec launches international business platform

Wang Wen

Sinopec held a news conference in Beijing on April 18, to officially launch its international business platform The industrial E-commerce platform aims to help Chinese manufacturers go global, introduce leading global manufactures to china and promote better connection of global industrial trade.

“Our vision is to build a world class global industrial E-commerce platform,” Jiao Fangzheng, Vice President of Sinopec Group, said at the news conference, “Epec is committed to serving the Belt and Road Initiative and global industrial trade.”

Up to April 17, (Chinese) has witnessed total transactions of 90.2 billion yuan ($13.1 billion) since its launch last April. More than 1.58 million products are available at the platform from industries including coal, steel, petrochemicals and oil equipment. will select from the best domestic resources based on its Chinese website. 126 manufacturers and nearly 2000 SPUs are chosen initially.

Sinopec held a news conference in Beijing on April 18.(Photo/Hu Qingming)