Sinopec Corp. Won F1 Telecast Sole Naming Right Again

On June 3rd, Sinopec Corp. and Shanghai International Racing Court Co., Ltd. in Shanghai held a signing ceremony for Sinopec?s winning F1 Telecast Sole Naming Right. It?s the second time for Sinopec Corp. to win 2007-2008 F1 Telecast Naming Right since it won 2004-2006 F1 Telecast Naming Right..

In 2004, Sinopec Corp. achieved a good success in the sponsorship of F1 Chinese Grand Prix. As a international arena, F1 propelled Sinopec Corp. in improving its product quality and core competitiveness. Since then, Sinopec Corp. progressed a lot both in sales of Donghai Brand Asphalt and Great Wall Lube Oil, and also in IC fueling card marketing.



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