Sinopec Won Four First Class National S&T Awards

The 2014 National Science and Technology Award Conference was held on the morning of January 9 in Beijing. State leaders including Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli attended the conference and gave awards to winner representatives. 318 achievements, 8 people and 1 foreign organization were given awards. Sinopec received 12 awards, of which 4 were first class (3 for Science and Technology Advance Award, and 1 for Technology Invention Award), and 8 were second class. Sinopec hit a new record in the number of awards received in 2014, with a remarkable performance in technology innovation and commercialization despite higher award criteria and reduced number of prizes. It is worth mentioning that a front-line worker, Tian Mingrong, senior technician of Sinopec Jiangsu Subsidiary, was honored with the second prize of 2014 National S&T Advance Award.

Information source:sinopec