Int’l Security Risks Experts Made Presentations at Sinopec HQ

The RiskMap 2015 Sinopec Launch by Control Risks was held on January 13 at Sinopec HQ under the organization of Foreign Affairs Department. International security risks experts from Control Risks, a British risk consulting company, made keynote presentations on global security situations as well as geopolitical and economic risks in 2015.

Control Risks is an independent risk consulting firm mainly engaged in providing consulting services about political, credit and security risks for global major companies and organizations. Control Risks released its Chinese version of 2015 Global RiskMap in Sinopec, predicting the security and political risks confronted by business operations in the complex global environment this year. Three senior global risk experts thoroughly analyzed business environments in the Middle East, North Africa, East Africa and West Africa, and exchanged views with the audience on topics such as security risks facing Sinopec international business expansion and overseas subsidiaries.

Information source:sinopec