Sinopec starts to supply Beijing VI standard oil products

Gao Jun

An operator of Shilihe filling station was refuelling a car on December 30, 2016.(Photo/Hu Qingming)

Sinopec announced on December 30, 2016 that it started to supply cleaner oil products meeting Beijing VI standards for pollution emissions at its Shilihe filling station firstly. The replacement of oil products has been in full swing at Sinopec’s 562 filling stations in Beijing. It estimated that the provisions of Beijing VI standard oil products will be available all over the Sinopec’s filling stations in Beijing from the middle of February 2017.

With sulphur content within 10 ppm (parts per million), the Beijing VI oil products have stricter standards for vapor pressure, boiling process, olefin, arene and benzene in gasoline and for density, flash point, PAH and detergent in diesel.