Sinopec's daily mask output exceeds 1m

 Workers optimize the mask production line to further speed up production at Naton Medical Group. (Photo/Hu Qingming)

Sinopec’s partner, Naton Medical Group, produced 1,066,000 facial masks on March 14. The first batch of 15 mask machines purchased by Sinopec have been put into operation at Naton Medical Group, with a daily mask output of over 1 million units. Meanwhile, Sinopec has also jacked up its output of the upstream raw material polypropylene and set up production lines for mask core material melt-blown fabric. The mask output of Sinopec's cooperative enterprises using the raw materials from Sinopec has reached 1,050,000 units daily. After the COVID-19 outbreak in China, Sinopec has produced a total of 34,885,000 masks through self-production and cooperative production as of March 15.

Information source:Sinopec