Sinopec provides psychological aids for employees

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Sinopec paid close attention to the mental health of a million of staff members. Sinopec have joined forces with more than 380 psychologists and mobilized more than 5,000 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) talents and volunteers to strengthen psychological intervention and guidance for employees, by providing them comprehensive psychological support throughout the entire period of the outbreak.

On March 20, Sinopec has launched the "overseas employees mental health hotline" to provide dedicated remote psychological support. Furthermore, the hotline service in China was also upgraded so that a million of employees as well as their family members have access to psychological support services.

One of Sinopec’s staff members said, "during this special period, the EAP service has greatly stabilized our mood and relieved anxiety. Now everyone is encouraged and willing to cheer each other on. It has not only powered the positive energy of solidarity, but also increased my confidence in fighting the pandemic."

Information source:@Sinopec