Sinopec joins global fight against COVID-19, shipping over 10,000 tonnes of disinfectant

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, Sinopec Corp , China's leading energy and chemical company, has shown support and solidarity to the international community by supplying 10,256 tonnes of much-needed bleaching powder to countries grappling with an outbreak. To date, Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex has shipped bleaching powder  to more than ten affected countries, including Italy, France, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

With the global pandemic spreading, demand for disinfectants—an essential product for epidemic prevention and control—is skyrocketing. Based in Hubei, China, Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex has overcome vast hurdles to help protect the world during these unprecedented times. Despite having a limited workforce, logistical restrictions and pressing domestic needs, Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex is working tirelessly to rise above these challenges and meet global demand for disinfectant.

The largest manufacturer of bleaching powder in Asia, Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex holds over 30% of the global market share and has a strong reputation in the market. Every year, the company exports products to over 80 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Australia and Russia. With ten bleaching powder production plants, annual production capacity of Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex is designed to reach up to 54,000 tonnes. Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex’s plants are currently operating at full capacity, and the company has adjusted operations and production loads to meet the sharp increase in demand. At present,  bleaching powder products from Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex have a best-in-class production yield rate of 100% and a premium production quality rate of 90%.

Information source:Sinopec