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Key Engineering and Construction Projects

In 2018, we launched 32 key engineering and construction projects (including project clusters) covering oilfield service, refining & chemical and pipeline, storage and transportation. 3 oilfield or gas field surface engineering projects, 14 refining and chemical units, 7 sets of oil and gas storage and transmission facilities and pipelines were completed and put into use. 12 key revamping projects were shut down for overhaul. In particular, phase I of Erdos-Anping-Cangzhou gas transmission pipeline was an important component for establishing China’s natural gas production-supply-distribution system as well as a key energy project in China’s 13th five-year plan. Being operational after 7 months’ rapid and efficient construction, the project played a vital role in treating the air pollution in China’s northern part, mitigating the environment pressure and promoting the green and low-carbon economic growth of the region.

The phase I capacity building project of Jiaoshiba Block in Fuling shale gas filed won the 2018 National Quality Engineering Gold Award as the project tackled 5 major technological challenges and formed 6 unique theoretical technology systems. It set a good example of the theoretical, technological, and management innovation leading the exploration and production of marine facies shale gas in China. Another two projects won the 2018 National Quality Engineering Awards, namely the capacity building project of Sinopec Yuanba gas field and the oil products quality upgrading project in Sinopec Jiujiang Petrochemical Company.

Key oil and gas field surface engineering projects. The capacity building of the frontier area in northwest Chengdao oilfield of Sinopec Shengli, the water scrubbing dechlorination facility for the master gas gathering station of Sinopec Puguang gas field and the master treatment station of Sinopec Dongsheng gas field were completed and put into operation. 17 gas gathering station for the phase II of Sinopec Fuling shale gas field were completed and put in to use and the construction of the supporting pipelines was stepped up.

Key refining and chemical engineering projects. The facilities of Dalian catalyst base, alkylation projects in Shijiazhuang and Tianjin, Beihai, Jinan S-Zorb project, Jinling sulfur recovery project, Maoming CCR project, and Jinan FCC project were put into operation. The main installations of Zhong’an United coal chemical project was mechanically completed, with utilities operational step by step and all commissioning preparation well underway. The second aromatic unit of Sinopec Hainan Petrochemical Company as well as ZRCC refining structural adjustment and quality upgrading project went into the final stage of construction. The civil works of Sinopec Zhongke integrated refining and chemical integrated project were delivered and the follow-up installation work was unfolding. Projects like Sinopec-Sabic (Tianjin) polycarbonate, Sinopec Fujian Gulei integrated refining and chemical project, Tianjin and Luoyang refining product structural adjustment projects, Sinopec Maoming product mix optimization project and supporting units, Sinopec Jingmen RFCC and Sinopec YPC EVA projects were under construction. 8 alkylation facilities in Sinopec Qilu Company, ZRCC, YPC, Luoyang, Jinmen, Anqing, Jiujiang and Wuhan went into the peak period for installing equipments and pipelines. The construction of ZRCC petrochemical site, Sinopec Hainan 1mtpa ethylene and refining revamping and expansion project kicked off successfully. Sinopec Great Wall Energy and Chemical Company (Guizhou)’s coal chemical project, Sinopec-SK ethylene debottlenecking project, Shanghai R&D office complex were under construction preparation.

Key pipeline storage and transportation engineering projects. Tianjin LNG terminal, Fuling LNG plant, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou oil product pipeline and supporting facilities, Linyi-Jinan crude oil double pipeline project, Guangxi LNG gas transmission pipeline and Erdos-Anping-Cangzhou gas transmission pipeline phase I were put into use. The projects to build connection between Guangxi LNG outbound transmission pipeline and Qinzhou Port sub-line of China-Myanmar pipeline, between Guangxi LNG transmission pipeline and Laibin gas transmission station of China-Myanmar pipeline, and between Qingshan station of West to East natural gas pipeline No.1 branch line and the Nanjing sub-line of Sichuan to East China gas pipeline were completed as scheduled for operation. Wen 23 gas storage phase I, Rizhao-Luoyang crude oil pipeline, Qianjiang-Shaoguan gas pipeline, supporting gas pipeline for the Zhongke integrated refining and chemical project, Jingmen-Xiangyang and Zhanjiang-Beihai oil products pipelines were undergoing construction.

Key projects of overhaul and revamping. We finished 12 major overhaul and revamping projects, including 299 major production facilities with safety man-hour amounting to 19.745 million hours and qualification rate of spot check on welding quality reaching 98.9%.