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Key Projects Construction

In 2017, we launched 36 key projects covering oilfield service, refining & chemical and pipeline, storage and transportation; 24 refinery facilities, 4 long-distance transmission pipelines and 6 oil & gas facilities were completed and put into use. 367 units of 14 enterprises were revamped.

The Wuhan 800,000 tonnes/year ethylene and supporting facilities project was awarded the National Quality Engineering Gold Award. Other projects were awarded the National Quality Engineering Award including Chengdao No. 3 Platform and shallow water supporting engineering project, capacity building and surface engineering of Qingdong No. 5 Block in Qiaodong Oilfield, No. 4 Gathering and Treating Station of Tahe Oilfield, and Phase Ⅱ project for oil quality upgrade of Wuhan Company.

Oilfield surface engineering.Capacity building and surface engineering of Pai 612 region and accidents investigation and handling of Gudao-Luo County-Dongying and Gudao-Yongan-Dongying oil pipelines projects were all kicked off. The SH201 drilling and maintenance integrated platform of Chengdao Oilfield capacity building engineering project was started. As for the capacity building and surface engineering in Dongsheng gas field, all 6 gas field stations were put into use.

Oil refining and chemical engineering.Jinling Huntsman Ethylene Oxide Project, Changling and Anqing RLG project, Jingmen and Jinling Company residue oil hydrogenation project, Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company diesel hydrogenation facilities were all finished and put into operation. The remaining facilities of Zhongtianhechuang Coal Chemical Demonstration Project were put into operation and made profits. Zhongke refining complex, Zhongan United Coal Chemical Project and the second-generation aromatic hydrocarbon project of Hainan Petrochemical Company were under construction. Gulei refining complex was inaugurated. PTA facilities of Fujian Tenglong aromatics project were commissioned, and maintenance and revampting were unfolding. The aging refining plants in Zhenhai were restructured and upgraded. EVA and other projects of Yangzi Petrochemical Company made progress.

Pipeline storage and transportation.Yizheng-Changling crude oil double pipeline project, Rizhao-Yizheng crude oil pipeline capacity increase project and the pipeline pressurization of Sichuan to East China Gas Transportation Project were put into operation. The Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Refined Oil Products Pipeline was ready for operation. Chongqing Fuling LNG factory was set up and ready for production. Tianjin LNG terminal was prepared for commissioning. Wen-23 gas storage project was being facilitated.

Key projects of overhaul and revamping.We finished 14 major overhaul and revamping projects, including 367 major production facilities, 53,180 overhaul items and 725 revamping items, with eligibility of spot check on welding quality reaching 97% and 6.22 percentage points higher of weld bond eligibility compared with that of last year. Yuanba gas treatment plant underwent the first overhaul since its initial operation. Jiujiang Company had the largest shutdown and overhaul since its 8 million tonne/year oil upgrading project. Yangzi Petrochemical Company had the biggest shutdown and overhaul for the new refining section.