Oilfield Services

The achievements of geophysical technology innovation are outstanding. The single-point high-density geophone achieved commercial application and could accurately identify 25-mm shallow river geological body. The research and development of autonomous node acquisition system was completed. Field tests were carried out in Linyibei 3D, Puguang Phase II 3D and Chengdu Urban Underground Space Survey.

The matching drilling technologies for deep and ultra-deep wells further improved. In the northwest area, a series of technologies were developed, such as stratified drilling, ultra-deep directional drilling, ultra-deep small-gap cementing and Shunbei Silurian plugging, setting many records. In the southwest area, technologies that integrated optimization of drilling methods in upper formation, optimization and control of well trajectory, optimization and improvement of PDC bits and optimization of speed-up tools were developed.

The drilling technologies of shale gas wells improved continuously. The one-trip drilling technology for shale gas horizontal wells was developed, and successfully applied in 11 wells in Fuling, with an average penetrate rate increase of 54.36% and a drilling cycle shortened by 17.81% compared to the design.

Drilling fluid technologies achieved breakthroughs. By using YJJS-1 high-performance water-based drilling fluid, problems such as borehole stability, rheological property of drilling fluid, borehole lubrication and drilling speed increase during shale drilling were solved. Near-oil-based drilling fluid technology with alkyl glycoside as main agent helped to solve the problem that water-based drilling fluid cannot safely drill through long open-hole pure mudstone. The successful application in Pine Shale 2HF well site marked a revolutionary breakthrough in domestic water-based drilling fluid technology.

New drilling tools were deployed to improve efficiency. New tools such as home developed torsional impactor, 175℃ high-temperature MWD measurement system, integral centralizer, near-bit geological steering system, three-dimensional vibration impactor and rapid automatic grouting system were popularized and used to reduce downhole complex faults and improve drilling efficiency.

Logging technology achieved leap-frog progress. A new generation of SINOLOG900 IT imaging logging system took shape. Transient electromagnetic through-casing logging technology, a new residual oil evaluation method, continued to improve. The preliminary development of storage/direct reading horizontal well production profile logging tool proved to be of great significance for gas production profile monitoring under the condition of high deviation/low gas content in horizontal wells. We integrated the tractor advantage technology with multi-stage perforation construction, and introduced AI research outcome into mud logging, including the research on intelligent analysis of well site video and development of early warning system for violation behavior.

The development of special operation technology continuously improved. Horizontal well subdivision fracturing, large-scale acid fracturing, acid gas testing, high temperature and high pressure oil and gas well testing, horizontal well workover and other technical services capacity continued to increase, and built the domestic highest experimental conditions of high temperature and high pressure downhole tool testing center, "shale gas well pressure operation technology" won the Silver Medal of Petrochemical Science and Technology Achievements Conversion and Promotion Conference. New records have been made for underground special operation.

The innovative achievements of ground engineering technology are remarkable. Significant progress was made in energy-saving and environmental protection technology innovation and application; self-developed desulfurizer entered the stage of commercial application for the first time; 29 sets of self-developed "oil and gas field and long-distance pipeline integrated electrical control cabin" were successfully applied in the Ordos-Anping-Cangzhou pipeline project, and built the first offshore wind power platform in the northern Yellow Sea.

The market competitiveness of petroleum machinery manufacturing significantly improved. In addition to serving the key projects of Sinopec Group with high quality and high efficiency, electric fracturing equipment, skid cementing equipment, hybrid drill bits, PDM drill, high frequency welded pipes and other products entered the domestic and foreign markets. Coiled tubing and skid fracturing equipment were exported to Russia for the first time, high pressure pipes sold to the United States for the first time, and steel pipes entered the network of Kuwait Petroleum Company. Product R&D and technological innovation accelerated the development of deep shale gas, ultra-deep oil and gas development and other high-end fields. 16 sets of 5,000 full-electric fracturing equipment with multiphase drive and double pumps were applied in Fuling, Tuha and Daqing. The company successfully developed and put into industrial test the 7,000-meter automatic drilling rig was developed and tested in commercial pilots. The first 9,000-meter electric drilling rig withstood severe test in Shunbei. The first shale gas booster compressor showed excellent results in Fuling, and the individualized series of high-efficiency drilling rigs were developed. High-efficiency drilling bits and PDM drill set 246 new records in Sichuan, Chongqing, Northwest, Changqing, Kuwait and other domestic and foreign markets.