Petroleum Engineering Services

Making major geophysical breakthroughs.We stepped up efforts in technical innovation: point-receiver high density 3D seismic exploration technology was successfully applied; the R&D of new broadband acceleration geophone was completed and put into application, fostering 3 main breakthroughs in original innovation. We extended the industrial chain on the basis of our technical advantages. We vigorously developed emerging businesses, increasing volume of oil & gas pipeline detection and maintenance and land-right confirmation rapidly, and breaking new grounds in urban underground pipeline detection, urban shallow geophysical detection, maritime surveying and deformation and sediment monitoring. We strengthened meticulous management and enhanced our project profitability with operating cash flow hitting a record high.

Improving deep and ultra-deep well drilling technologies.We undertook researches on technologies concerning safe drilling, speed and efficiency enhancement, wellbore stability and heat resistant drilling instruments for HTHP wells. We developed key tools and facilities like PDC drill bits, torque oscillator and high temperature MWD system. We improved the safe and optimized drilling technology for complex ultra-deep wells, hence supporting the evaluation of tectonic zone in piedmont in Eastern Sichuan and the exploration discovery of Shunbei Oil and Gas Field. We refreshed the record of deepest well in Asia by Shunbei Appraisal-1 well (8,430 meters) and Appraisal-2 well (8,433 meters) in succession. Throughout 2017, there were 93 ultra-deep wells drilled and finished, with an average well depth of 6,755.81 meters, a mechanical drilling speed of 6.48 m/h and a drilling cycle of 104.34 days.

Progress in drilling technology for shale gas.We sought breakthrough and conducted R&D in technologies, such as optimized and fast drilling of deep horizontal shale gas well and those of “one-trip” accelerated drilling, highly efficient drilling bits and coiled tubing for long horizontal section wells. We developed shale gas engineering coupling technology, providing guarantee for Fuling shale gas capacity building and peripheral deep shale gas exploration. We drilled and finished 43 Fuling shale gas wells, with footage of 221,100 meters, average depth of 5,000.77 meters, mechanical drilling speed of 7.16 m/h, and drilling cycle of 88.24 days. Key technologies of 1,500-meter horizontal section wells kept upgrading. The horizontal section of Jiaoye 29-S2HF was completed in 6.33 days. We saw a remarkable drilling speed growth in Yongchuan and Weiyuan projects, 20% down in drilling cycle compared with initial periods.

New breakthroughs in logging technology.The “radar imaging log prototype development” filled the gap of research in this field. The SINOLOG900 network imaging well-logging system with self-owned IP rights passed filed tests and was applied. Dipole shear-wave imaging technology extended the acoustic detection range from several dozens of centimeters to 80 meters, solving the difficulty of fractures and opening identification. High temperature grand slam well-logging instrument performed the task of HTHP slim hole well-logging for Shunbei Appraisal-1 well (7,842m, 160℃). Integrated with multi-component gas analysis system and wireless sensor, the SinoWSL-1 comprehensive mud logging unit were improved to be a high-end technological instrument, breaking into the global market.

Continuous progress in special operation technology.We provided better services in horizontal segmentation fracturing, large scale acid fracturing, gas testing for sour gas, HTHP well testing, horizontal well workover, high pressure snubbing operation, and coiled tubing. Multi-well pad fracturing technology was widely applied. The maximum production of shale gas in Jiaoye 59 Platform reached 213,000 m3 . We launched the first repeated fracturing shale gas well, Jiaoye 9-2HF. The FLICK slick water and LOMO gel fracturing fluid both developed by Sinopec independently were applied in Eyiye 1HF well, finishing 26 fracturing projects. Based on formation test, we got hold of a well-depth as deep as 8,418 meters and a gas production as huge as 1.77 million m3 per day. For one-trip coiled tubing, we may drill 20 bridge plugs or 32 single well drill plugs. The highest pressure of wellhead with pressure reached 80 MPa. The greatest well depth in operation stood at 6,885.4 meters.

Fresh progress in offshore engineering technology.We made significant breakthroughs in drilling and coring of gas hydrate offshore. We took 13 roundtrips of sample from 2 wells in LW3 block of the South China Sea and 100% of the tools were recovered. We completed the world's first sidetracking in 24” riser in the South China Sea. The one-trip sidetracking and polishing was completed, ranking among the best around the world. Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Company completed the project of submarine pipeline engineering. We grasped marine engineering construction technology for a depth within 40 meters. We adopted the crucial technology for designing and construction of mid-to-deep water jacket platform, upgrading our design of marine engineering for 40-meterdeep to 100-meter-deep by leaps and bounds.

Considerable business volume from surface engineering.Thanks to our technical edges, we were awarded several key quality projects like Wen- 23 gas storage project (contract valued 800 million yuan), five bid lots of Qianjiang-Shaoguan Pipeline engineering project, part of the Xinjiang- Guangdong-Zhejiang Project (contract valued 2.04 billion yuan), and Rizhao- Jingbo Pipeline EPC contracting project (contract valued 2.63 billion yuan) as well.

Upgrading in manufacturing and services.We strengthened marketing and service systems and provided quality and efficient services to our clients. In 2017, new contracts signed grew by 80%. We prepared ourselves for the fierce competition with differentiated products and specialized services. Products like high-end drilling and production equipment, efficient drilling tools and drilling pipes were widely applied in domestic markets outside Sinopec. 7000-meter-deep electric drilling rig and drilling bit penetrated the Middle East market. We saw a 245.4% increase of new contracts signed in overseas markets. We vigorously transformed from manufacturing product to providing service. Services businesses as integrated drilling and completion tools, integrated retrofitting, maintenance and commissioning for equipment and safety detection grew with a rapid momentum. We saw an increase of 20.6% in the newly-signed service contracts.