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Refining and Chemical Engineering Services

In 2018, the company executive 933 engineering, consulting, EPC and construction projects, among which 400 projects achieved mechanical completion. Along with national and the company’s key projects, the company successfully completed the engineering, EPC, construction and overhaul of projects owned by Zhong’an Coal Chemical, Jinan Catalysis, Tianjin Alkylation, CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical with safety and quality well controlled.

The service level of engineering services continued to improve. The company launched special campaigns for design optimization and precise design and published the Guide to International Project Management. The Digital Delivery Standards for Petrochemical Engineering, the national standards was edited and issued. The acceptance and delivery platform for the digital factories of Zhongke and Zhongsha projects were completed and put into operation. The company provided new integrated solutions for coal chemical, LNG, bio-energy, soil treatment, and is gradually transforming from an EPC contractor to a one-stop integrated solution provider.

Key technology R&D missions labeled "Ten Dragons" were completed. 22 projects are well underway. 7 projects, including development of packaged technologies for highgrade base oil production through hydroisomeric dewaxing as well as development and commercial application of new technology for sulfuric acid alkylation, achieved key research objectives. Five projects such as development and commercial application Maoming LAO, PAO production technology were included in the "Ten Dragons" missions. The development and commercial application of the second generation of highly efficient and environment-friendly aromatic technology, development of packaged technologies of 20,000 tonnes per year fluid bed anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide technology and development of SE water coal slurry (coke) gasification technology finished detailed design and started construction.

R&D of a number of key projects progressed well. Development and commercial application of complete set of new technologies for 200,000 tonnes per year solid acid alkylation, development of key technologies for increasing the production of low-carbon olefins and BTX from heavy feedstock, development and pilot test of C5/C6 isomerization technology as well as demonstration and application of 2,000 tonnes SE coal gasification technology accomplished key objectives at different stages.