Opening-up to build a better world together

Adhering to the principle of achieving shared growth through consultation and collaboration, China has promoted high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). We have advanced a large number of cooperation projects with significant implications for fueling economic development and improving people's lives in countries along the BRI routes, and worked to build the BRI into an initiative of peace, prosperity, openness, green development, and innovation that brings different civilizations closer, and a widely welcomed public good and platform for international cooperation in today's world.

Working on production capacity to promote economic development

Sinopec, which is keeping in line with the trend of economic globalization and China's opening up to the outside world, has accelerated its pace of "going global" through its "Belt and Road Initiative" ...


Safe and environment-friendly products to protect the earth

Sinopec abides by international and local laws and regulations on production safety and occupational health. It makes efforts to protect the safety of employees and enterprises by establishing a ...


Local employment enhances cultural fusion

Sinopec follows the management model of international talent and local employment; and gives priority to local people in employment to achieve both goals of growing overseas business and local talent ...


Community co-construction builds a bridge of friendship

Sinopec is continuously promoting local procurement to drive the development of local enterprises; and has participated in public good undertakings and supported local infrastructure construction; education ...


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