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In keeping with national strategic needs and the company's transformation and development, Sinopec is implementing a special plan for science and technology in the "14th Five-Year Plan" by adhering to "four aspects" and promoting the "four types of projects". As a result, it has taken the initiative to seek an appropriate position in the new nationwide system; continued to deepen reform of science and technology systems and mechanisms; continued to seek breakthroughs in core technology; further its digital intelligence transformation; and push for high-level scientific and technological self-reliance. By the end of 2021, Sinopec had more than 60 multi-level research or development institutions and 24 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Strengthening scientific and technological innovation

Systems management of scientific and technological innovation

Sinopec has established a system called "Sinopec Science and Technology Project Management". Here, there are 8 research institutes directly under the company which also has 2 overseas R & D institutions; more than 50 affiliated research institutions; 26 national R & D institutions, and 43 key laboratories.

In 2021, the company implemented its "Science and Technology Reform Demonstration Action", with eight research institutes directly under the company conducting basically completed the branch rotor company reform. Besides, Sinopec has accelerated the exploration of "large-scale combat operations", and implemented the mechanism of "science and technology rewards" and a "horse racing system". The company posted a notice to inspire creativity to promote six key core technologies and attracted 39 teams to take up the tasks. Additionally, it is working on new research and development institutions such as the Guangdong Institute of New Materials; the Ningbo Joint Academy of New Materials; and the Joint Green Chemical Industry Research Institute with Tsinghua University. Sinopec has also established incubator companies for "high-efficiency fire and explosion prevention equipment" and "Industrial Internet + hazardous chemical production safety" to create a favorable environment for innovation.

Scientific and technological talents

Sinopec believes that "talent is the first resource", and it has implemented a strategy of strengthening the enterprise by cultivating a team of high-quality scientific and technological talents. The company has also strengthened talent training, especially for leading scientific and technological talents with a global vision and international perspectives; leading scientific and technological talents who specialize in core technologies and emerging businesses and three chief scientists of the company. Separately, Sinopec has set up a Youth Innovation Fund to back outstanding innovative projects and award the leaders of the project the title of "Young innovative talents in science and technology", to support them to scale new heights in science and technology. Further, the company is offering rewards and incentives in technology and has promoted several model performers, such as "The Most Beautiful Striver" Min Enze; the "Role Model of the Times" Chen Junwu, who has spirit of "hard work and perseverance"; and the "three honests" and "four stricts". In 2022, more than 120 science and technology awards were awarded and 20 excellent innovation teams were selected by the company.

Transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements

Sinopec has played an active role in support and guidance in science and technology; and promoted the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements; adding vitality and momentum to industrial upgrading and economic development. In 2021, the company applied for 9,338 patents and authorized 5,844 patents at home and abroad. It won one China Patent Gold Award; four China Patent Silver Awards and 11 China Patent Excellence Awards; and seven projects won the State Science and Technology Award. According to the 2020 patent quality rankings of central enterprises published by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in July, Sinopec ranked first for the third consecutive time. In 2021, the catalytic cracking technology with a high yield of olefins independently developed by Sinopec won the Best Petrochemical Technology of the US journal Hydrocarbon Processing.

In terms of oil and gas exploration and development, there were breakthroughs in the theory of exploration and development of various geological types of oil and gas reservoirs; and significant achievements in the theory of shale oil and gas formation and exploration and development technology. Sinopec has also made progress in the research and development of core technologies of high-precision seismic imaging; the core technologies of high-temperature MWD systems and rotary guidance. In terms of oil refining, the new molecular sieve catalytic cracking catalyst has been applied in the industry for the first time. Also, the company has developed a formula for the highgrade internal combustion engine oil; its industrial unit for high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid has gone into operation. In terms of chemical materials, its first linear α- Olefin and poly α- Olefins units were put into production with breakthroughs made in the development of a series of hydrogenated styrene elastomers. As for public-friendly technology, its million-tonne CCUS project was put into operation, and it intends to build the largest CO2 capture system from flue gas in the coal-fired power sector in China.

Improving the digital intelligence transformation

Sinopec is focusing on the implementation of its new development philosophy and high-quality development, to contribute to industrial upgrading; quality and efficiency; and industrial intelligence and digital transformation. Based on the model of "data, platform and application", the company will deepen its integration of digital technology and industry and generate competitive advantages, so as to build a World-Leading Clean Energy and Chemical Company; and inject momentum into the high-quality development of China's chemical industry.