Better life and improvement
of people's wellbeing

Efforts should be made to support the people's role in the country; respect their pioneering spirit; follow a people-centered development approach; and safeguard social fairness and justice. We should strive to address inadequate and unbalanced development to meet people's urgent needs; ensure their fundamental interests, and unite and lead the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in working for a better life.

Serving the overall development through tax payment

Tax revenue is the cornerstone of national governance and an important guarantee for steady economic growth. Sinopec follows tax laws and regulations, and makes tax payment in good faith. In 2021, we ...


Protecting lives and health through pandemic response

Amid the response to the COVID-19 in 2021, Sinopec implemented the guidelines of General Secretary Xi Jinping as well as the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Sinopec ...


Improving people's wellbeing through public welfare and charity

Sinopec is involved in public welfare and charity, and implements the social contribution system focusing on rural revitalization; social welfare; public welfare through proprietary brands; social service and ...


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