Green & Low-Carbon Growth

We feel lucky to meet together and cherish each other as the most precious treasure; and we support each other and go ahead hand in hand.

We devote to secure employees' legitimate rights and interests, assist employees' career development, care employees' life, and try to benefit each employee from corporate development, make each employee happy during the work span.

The sustainable development of Sinopec is supported by 1.06 million united, dedicated, pragmatic and innovative employees, who are the inexhaustible driving force to forge Sinopec into a "highly responsible and highly respected" corporate citizen. In 2011, Sinopec employee turnover rate is 0.8%, while over 8200 fresh university graduates joined the Sinopec family.

Green operation

As a responisble energy and petrochemical company, we pay great attention to environmental protection. With a clean management system covering the whole process from production to consumption, we keep striving to achieve green growth and contribute to clear waters, green land and a blue sky.

  • Clean Production and Pollution Reduced from the Source
  • Making Clean Products and Reducing Pollution in Consumption
  • Three Wastes Treatment Improved and Emission/Discharge Standards Met
  • Developing Circular Economy and Turning Waste to Worth
  • More Efforts to Protect and Restore Ecology

Fighting Against Climate Change

Climate change is a major global issue for all humankind. As a responsible energy and petrochemical company, Sinopec regards it as its due responsibility to fight against climate change. We make efforts to shift the pattern of growth, optimize energy structure, develop and utilize low-carbon energy resources and promote energy saving and consumption reduction. We are speeding up study on commercial test of CO2 recovering, in order to reduce GHG emissions and better prepare to combat climate change.

  • Industrial Restructuring and More Efficient Use of Energy Resources
  • Saving Energy and Cutting CO2 Emission
  • Developing Low-Carbon Energy and Optimizing Energy
  • More Efforts in R&D to Fight Against Climate Change
  • Low-Carbon Lifestyle