Award received

2016 State Technological Invention Award won by Sinopec Group
The Second Prize of State Technological Invention Award
Key Instruments and Methods for Reconstruction Complicated Process of Multi-stage Hydrocarbon Accumulation
New Catalytic Material of Titanosilicate with Multi-hollow Structure in Single Crystal Particle and Its Key Preparation Technology
Efficient Fracturing and Acidizing Reconstruction Technology and Application in Deep and Ultra-deep Oil-gas Reservoirs
A New Technology of Polyolefin Fluidized Bed Reactor based on Acoustic Emission Monitoring
2016 China Patent Award won by Sinopec Group
China Patent Gold Award
Riser Reactor for Fluidized Catalytic Conversion
China Patent Excellent Award
Detection Method for Reactor of Fluid-bed
Nobel Metal-containing Titanosilicate Material and Its Preparation Method
Prevent Deflection PDC Bit
The New Way of Amide Sodium Sulfonate & the Combination as the Additive for Oil Production
A Hydrogenation Process Method which Combine the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)and Coking Gasoline
A Construction of Oil Displacement Microbial Community in Reservoir to Enhance Oil Recovery
Hybrid Fault Diagnosing Method based on Qualitative SDG in Petrochemical System
A Method to Produce Aromatic Nitrile in the Fluidized Bed Reactor
EOR Surfactant Mixtures and Their Preparation Methods