Award received

“National Award for Science & Technology Advancement” 2010
Exploration and Development of Tahe Oversize Ordovician carbonate Reservoir
Breakthrough of 3-Dimensional 3-Component seismic key technology and efficient exploration of large deep compacted gas field
Quantitative description, control technology and industrial application of high capacity channel in high water cut oilfield
Research and Application of Effective Percolation theory and Development Method on Oil Reservoir with Ultra Low Permeability
Technology development and application of key equipment for post reaction system of the heavy oil FCC
Large-scale PTA production key technology – development and application of hydro-fining catalyst and reaction process
Integrated development and industrialized application of single series large-scale oil refining technology
Development and application of super large hydrogenation reactor
Several Key Techniques and Application of Safety and Calamity Protection of Ocean Engineering
Reservoir protective sustainable exploitation of microbial oil recovery controlling technology and industrial application
Key technology and its application of energy saving & emission reduction for dense multiphase flow and chemical reactions coupling system
“National Award for Technological Invention” 2010
Catalytic oxidation new material – hollow titanium silica molecular sieve