Award received

National Technological Awards in 2019
Second prize of National Technological Invention Award
Key technology for efficient and clean use of diesel with active phase directional construction and enhanced complex reaction classification
Second prize of National Science & Technological Progress Award
Key technology and application for the efficient development of ultra-thick oil in thin reservoirs
Development and application of complete set of technologies for ultra-low sulfur emission of refined sulfur exhaust gas and its utilization of resources
Pre-seismic direct inversion technology and basic software industrialization for multi-type complex oil and gas reservoirs
Tectonic-sedimentary differentiation and large-scale oil and gas accumulation in the marine carbonate formation in western China
Optimized control technology to maximize the profits of ethylene devices
Key technology for the design, construction and safety of new structures in coastal and shallow sea areas
Chinese Patent Awards in 2019
Gold Award of Chinese Patent Award
Method to reduce the content of asphalt and carbon residue in heavy oil
Silver Award of Chinese Patent Award
Catalyst component and catalyst for ethylene polymerization
Method of pure ethylene or alkylation of dry gas and benzene to make ethylbenzene
A homo-polypropylene with high melt strength and its preparation method
Honorable Mention of Chinese Patent Award
A selective hydrogenation method for styrene block polymer with conjugated diene prepared by coupling method
A gel inhibition method for conjugated diene homopolymerization and copolymerization process
Method of catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons for the production of propylene and light aromatic
Method of oil and gas recovery
A measure device that compensates for electromagnetic wave resistivity while drilling
Solvent and process for separating carbon dioxide from gas mixture