Major Technology Development

By seizing the new round of historic opportunities for scientific revolution and industrial reform, we positively implemented national information strategic requirements. It took “intelligent manufacturing” and “Internet +” as main lines, and initiated the integration of informationalization and industrialization to accelerate informationalization construction, to forge new advantages in industrial competition, and to inject strong power for winning the upgrading battle of mode transformation and structure regulation, quality improvement, efficiency increase and upgrading. The company’s typical practice of propelling integration of industrialization and informationalization and forging a new capacity won the first prize of “Modern Innovation Achievement on the 23rd national enterprise management convention”.

Pushing forward intelligent manufacturing and innovations in production & operation model. On December 7, 2016, the intelligent plant pilot construction project of the company passed the acceptance. Through 5 years of efforts, we successfully built Sinopec intelligent plant, Version 1.0. Such intelligent plant building level was international leading. Zhenhai Refinery Intelligent Plant was rated as National “Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Project”, and the construction achievement was exhibited on “International Industrial Expo” in Shanghai. The intelligent pipeline management system was completed and put into use, realizing digitalization and visualization of 30,000 kilometers long inter-plant pipelines among 51 enterprises. This played an important role in rapidly coping with natural disasters and timely eliminating hidden dangers.

Pushing forward “Internet +” new commercial activities and innovations in business service model.On April 18, 2016, as the largest industrial product e-commerce platform in China, EPEC was put into business operation and opened to the society. Since its operation online, EPEC e-business had 32,000 registered suppliers. Its turnover in whole year exceeded RMB 40 billion, showing a good growth. Oil sales enterprises provided customers with such services as gas filling card recharging and credits exchange, taking online business hall, mobile APP, and WeChat as carriers. “Sinopec e-commerce” (chemical product sales e-business) was successfully listed online and promoted in chemical sales companies. The building of e-business systems including refined oil sales and fuel oil sales was accomplished.

Pushing forward the building of integrated and shared operation management platform, and constructing new model of integrated operation management and control.ERP centralized systems of 122 jointstock and asset companies of Sinopec were all successfully listed online. It further integrated and regulated the business process, strengthened the group’s management and control capacity, optimized the overall supply chain, and propelled management innovations. On July 8, 2016, Sinopec’s IT shared services business was put into online operation, which provided important system application monitor, information safety and other shared services. On December 26, Sinopec e-business unified payment platform finished the first online payment, and was successfully put into online operation, which satisfied the B2B online payment demand of EPEC e-business. We finished promotion of electric bidding system, realized information management during “planning management, exchange monitor, result tracking” processes for bidding purchase.

Strengthening informationalization planning & management, and pushing integration of informationalization and industrialization up to a new level.We held an informationalization conference to further clarify informationalization overall management and push forward the working thought & target task of deep integration of informationalization & industrialization and publish the “13th Five-year Plan” informationalized development planning of the company. We organized management system standard implementing of corporate integration of informationalization & industrialization and implemented standards of 15 enterprises in total.