Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as NCIC) is a sole subsidiary of the China Petroleum & Chemical (Sinopec), which is the top 500 enterprises in the world. NCIC was regrouped by the Nanjing Chemical Plant and the Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd in May 2005. NCIC was originally known as Yongli Chemical Industry Company Ammonia Factory, established in 1934 by a famous patriotic industrialist-Mr. Fan Xudong.
With over 80 years development, NCIC now is the key bases of national inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, fine chemicals (rubber chemicals), with 3 series main products which are inorganic chemicals with coal, salt and sulfur as raw materials, organic chemicals with benzene as raw material, and fine chemicals with rubber additives as main product. Among them, the supporting materials of core product caprolactam are synthetic ammonia, hydrogen, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, caustic soda, and cyclohexanone. Organic chemicals with benzene as raw material are aniline, nitrobenzene, chlorobenzene, and nitrochlorobenzene. Fine chemicals with rubber additives as main product are RT base, antioxidant TMQ, antioxidant 6PPD/4010NA, and surfactants etc.