•Basic Organic Raw Material Catalyst
•Acrylonitrile catalyst
•C2 selective acetylene hydrogenation catalyst(front-end/tail-end)
•C3 selective MAPD hydrogenation catalyst
•Cracking gasoline hydrogenation catalyst
•Ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalyst
•Ethylbenzene preparation series catalyst by benzene and ethylene alkylation
•Isopropyl benzene catalyst
•Silver catalyst for ethylene epoxidation to EO
•Terephthalic acid refining palladium-carbon catalyst
•Toluene disproportionation catalyst
•Vinyl acetate catalyst
•Coal Chemical Industry Catalyst
•Ethylene glycol catalyst
•SMTO methanol-to-olefin catalyst
•Environment Protection Catalyst
•Denitration catalyst
•Desulfurization catalyst
•Proprietary adsorbent for S-Zorb SRT
•Oil Refining Catalyst
(1)Catalytic cracking catalyst
•Gasoline olefin-reducing catalyst
•Heavy oil cracking catalyst
•Maximum diesel catalyst
•Special catalyst for ARGG process
•Special catalyst for CPP process
•Special catalyst for DCC process
•Special catalyst for MGD process
•Special catalyst for MIP/MIP-CGP process
(2)Catalytic cracking additive
•Additive for more propylene production
•Additive for reducing sulfur content in FCC naphtha
•FCC flue gas SOx transfer additive
(3)Catalytic reforming catalyst
•Continuous reforming catalyst
•Semi-generation reforming catalyst
(4)Hydroprocessing catalyst
•Hydrocracking catalyst
•Hydrorefining catalyst for distillate
•Hydrotreating catalyst
•Polyolefin Catalyst
(1)Polyethylene catalyst
•PE catalyst for slurry processes
•PE catalyst for gas processes
•SLC-G catalyst
•SLC-i catalyst
•SLC-S catalyst
(2)Polypropylene catalyst
• PP catalyst for bulk processes
• PP catalyst for gas processes
• Phthalate-free PP catalyst
• Super high polymerization activity PP catalyst
•Other Catalysts
•C5/C6 alkane isomerization catalyst
•Nucleating agent
•SRNA-4 amorphous alloy catalyst
•Titanium silicalite molecular sieve
•Xylene isomerization catalyst
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