Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry(BRICI)
Technologies & catalysts of fine chemicals available for licensing or overseas sales:
•C2 selective acetylene hydrogenation catalyst(front-end/tail-end)
•C3 selective MAPD hydrogenation catalyst
•Olefin de-acetylene/de-hydrogen/de-oxygen/de-CO catalyst
•Ethylene oxy-chlorination catalyst
•Catalysts for isobutylene by isomerization of n-butene
•Catalyst for low temperature methanation
•Catalyst for maleic anhydride from benzene
•Catalyst for phthalic anhydride from o-xylene
•Hydrogenation catalysts (two stages) for pyrolysis gasoline
•Refinery off-gas de-oxygen/de-NOx /catalyst
•Industrial production technology of SBS
•Rhodium catalyst for oxo-synthesis
•Technology package of 1-hexane by trimerization of ethylene
•Technology package of high purity isobutene by decomposition of MTBE