Adhesives & Coatings
•Curing Agent
No. Product Formula Main Parameter Main Application Factory
1 Modified aliphatic amine Amine value 500~700mg KOH/g
Viscosity 80~8000mPa∙s
Curing agent for epoxy resin Baling
2 Modified aromatic amine Amine value 260~360mg KOH/g
Viscosity 40~3000mPa∙s
3 Modified alicyclic amine   Amine value 160~200mg KOH/g
Viscosity 40~3000mPa∙s
4 Waterborne curing agent   Amine value 160~200mg KOH/g
Viscosity 40~2000mPa∙s

•Epoxy Resin
No. Product Formula CAS No. Main Parameter Factory
1 o-Cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin
68609-31-4 CYDCN-200 series:
Epoxy equivalent 193~210g/mol
Hydrolysable chlorine <0.015%
Softening point 50~100℃
2 Diluent epoxy resin 2426-8-6 CYDPG-660:
Epoxy equivalent 140~200g/mol
Hydrolysable chlorine <0.5%
Epoxy equivalent 285~310g/mol
Hydrolysable chlorine <0.1%
3 Functional epoxy resin 38891-59-7 CYD-801 series:
Epoxy equivalent 450~1000g/mol
Softening point 60~107℃
Viscosity 8000~14000mPa∙s
4 Liquid epoxy resin* 61788-97-4 CYD-127, CYD-128, CYD-188,E-42 series:
Epoxy equivalent 180~280g/mol
Hydrolysable chlorine < 0.1%
Viscosity 8000~24000mPa∙s
CYD-115 series:
Epoxy equivalent 180~215g/mol
Viscosity 700~1600mPa∙s
5 Solid epoxy resin 61788-97-4 CYD-011 series:
Epoxy equivalent 450~3300g/mol
Hydrolysable chlorine < 0.1% Softening point 60~145℃
6 Waterborne epoxy resin     CYDW-100 series:
Epoxy equivalent 184~192g/mol
Solid content 85%~90%
Viscosity 500~8000mPa∙s
CYDW-10 series:
Epoxy equivalent 400~2000g/mol
Solid content 48%~52%
Viscosity 400~8000mPa∙s
7 Wind power epoxy resin     CYDF-175 series:
Epoxy equivalent 160~185g/mol
Hydrolysable chlorine < 0.05% Viscosity 800~1500mPa∙s

•Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene
No. Product CAS No. Main Parameter Product Types Factory
1 Vinyl acetate-ethylene
24937-78-8 Solid content ≥ 54.5%
Viscosity 500~1000mPa∙s, 1500~2200mPa∙s
Ethylene content 14.0%~18.0%
Base material of adhesives, Non-woven fabric sizing material, Paper pulp sizing and varnishing material, Base material of coating, Cement modifier, Carpet adhesive Chuanwei