Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology(SRIPT)
Technologies of fine chemicals available for licensing overseas:
•AB series catalysts for preparing ethyl benzene from pure ethylene by vapor phase alkylation
•Catalyst and continuous process for polyether polyol production
Technology packages with the capacities of 10,000 t/a and 50,000 t/a
•Catalyst and process for methyl amine by methanol amination
Catalyst type: A-6A,Domestic market share: 90%,Technology packages with the capacities of 12,000 t/a and 30,000 t/a
•CTP series palladium-carbon catalysts for terephthalic acid hydropurification
•GS series catalysts for ethyl benzene dehydrogenation to styrene
•HAT series catalyst for toluene disproportionation and transalkylation
•MP series cumene catalysts
•NC series catalysts and process for isophthalonitrile by m-xylene ammoxidation
Technology packages with the capacities of 500 t/a and 2,000 t/a
•OCN-98 catalyst and process for 2-chlorobenzyl nitrile by 2-chlorotoluene ammoxidation
Technology package with the capacity of 1,000 t/a
•SANC series acrylonitrile catalysts
Single-pass yield and third pass yield of acrylonitrile are high with excellent cleaning activity, offering good technical support for clean production of acrylonitrile.
•SHP-01 series catalysts for selective hydrogenation of first stage of pyrolysis gasoline
•SH series of temperature resistant and salt-tolerant surfactants for oil production in oilfield