Fuel Card

Sinopec is the first company in China to use IC card transaction on a large scale. Since Sinopec Fuel Card was introduced in 2003, “nationwide fueling with one card” has become a trend leading the refined oil retail market. The card provides better services by giving customers better access to information, thus gaining the recognition of consumers. Sinopec Fuel Card was twice recognized as the “powerful” corporate prepaid card by the Ministry of Commerce of China, and was chosen as the most popular prepaid card in a survey done by the website People.cn.

Four trendsetting features

Sinopec Fuel Card features “fast refueling, reward points, easy to use and fuel consumption management”. Card holders can easily fuel at more than 30,000 gas stations of Sinopec across China and manage the card usage in real time. Furthermore, they can also enjoy value-added services such as reward points and free road rescue.

Fast refueling: Using Sinopec Fuel Card is as convenient as dialing through IC card. The username and balance are displayed immediately after you insert the card. The computer-controlled fueling stops immediately after you hang the fuel nozzle. The card pops up after automatic fee deduction, making fueling more efficient by avoiding giving change or carrying cash. What is more, the fuel card is very light, small and portable. Should the registered fuel card be lost, the card owner can report the loss immediately to avoid economic losses.

Reward points: Sinopec provides a number of reward points activities for registered card users, who can redeem the points obtained from fueling for gifts, join in lucky draws, and enjoy a number of value-added services.

Easy to use: Sinopec has a nationwide gas station network, covering urban areas, highways, national and provincial roads and others. With the fuel card, customers can fuel at any gas station of Sinopec across China.

Fuel management: Sinopec Fuel Card can also help corporate clients to manage their fuel consumption, enabling them to accurately track fuel usage of the corporate vehicles. For example, an enterprise with more than two vehicles can register one primary card and multiple secondary cards. The secondary cards can be managed by the primary card in terms of allocation of fueling quota, inquiry of transaction details of each card, and detailed monthly statement. Companies can also set various restrictions such as car plate number, oil product, gas station, region, daily fueling times, etc.

In recent years, Sinopec has issued various theme cards such as National Games Card, Military Card, Diesel Card, Winter Olympics Card, etc., with differentiated visual designs and exclusive rights. For example, Diesel Card holders can enjoy nationwide preferential fee rebate; Winter Olympics Card holders can enjoy exclusive rights such as free access to designated ski resorts and free tour in large theme parks.

Customer service

Sinopec has made available online services for fuel cards such as customer hotline, online service website, one-click fueling, “Sinopec Fueling” app, making fueling more convenient and providing better services.

At the end of 2004, Sinopec launched the fuel card customer hotline: 95105888 / 95105988. Card holders in various places can contact the local customer service staff for any question about the card using this hotline. In 2014, the website for fuel cards (www.sinopecsales.com) and mobile application were launched, enabling customers to recharge online, pre-distribute fuel quota, make inquiries and get other services 24/7 anywhere. In March 2020 when the COVID-19 epidemic was raging across China, Sinopec e-wallet launched “one-click fueling” function nationwide. As China’s first fueling payment e-account launched on Sinopec’s own platform, Sinopec e-wallet enables customers to fuel with just one click, free of worries about being infected with the virus while using card, getting off the car or requesting invoice. Contactless refueling and secure payment prevent the spread of the epidemic.

“Sinopec Fueling” App

“Sinopec Fueling” is a mobile application launched by Sinopec Marketing Co., Ltd. for the majority of car owners, supporting Android and IOS systems. It can be downloaded on Sinopec’s official website, App Store and other major application stores.

“Sinopec Fueling” was formerly known as the “online service website of Sinopec Fuel Card” launched in 2014. The website provides major services of the fuel card. After functional integration, it is renamed “Sinopec Fueling” and repositioned as an integrated platform for providing car owners, users and others with comprehensive value-added services.

This application provides users with online services such as fuel card recharge, quota pre-allocation, card information inquiry and fueling record inquiry. Other functions include one-click fueling, invoice inquiry and electronic invoice. The app also supports card information maintenance, loss reporting, online application for fuel card, fuel consumption analysis, recharge discount, online customer service, membership and reward points, etc. A variety of recharge methods are supported to allow users to handle various services online and obtain relevant information.

As a service platform for car owners, “Sinopec Fueling” app not only provides core services, but also provides value-added services, such as discount for members, online shopping mall, car owner services, etc.

Through one-click fueling, users can quickly locate nearby gas stations and select the nearest route. In this regard, users can enjoy convenient and fast fueling service without getting out of the car.

Sinopec E-wallet

Sinopec e-wallet adopts a centralized system and its accounts can be opened in different provinces. When a customer opens an account, the system generates a fund account (identifying the province of the account) and a subsidiary account. Only one set of accounts can be opened for the same customer, who can fuel and purchase non-oil products or services at Sinopec’s gas stations nationwide.

The e-wallet has such functions as one-click fueling, quick-pass payment, code-scanning payment, contactless fueling, and electronic invoice request.

Value-added activities

Since July 8, 2005, Sinopec has launched value-added activities in Beijing in the form of reward point redemption. For each liter the customers fuel through the card, they can get 1 point which can be used to redeem for gifts or take part in lucky draws. By the end of 2005, the activity was gradually extended to 21 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government in China. On January 1, 2020, the gifts were upgraded as Sinopec cooperated with well-known Chinese brands to deliver more diversified benefits to customers and to build a better “car life” for car owners. For more information, please follow us on our website (www.saclub.com.cn), WeChat official account, app, or call us at 95105888/95105988-7.

Local road rescues

Since August 2008, Sinopec has launched free road rescue for customers with registered cards (including primary and secondary cards) in 21 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government in China. Customers can register through official website, WeChat official account, app or by phone at 95105988/95105888-7 to apply for road rescue. In case of vehicle failure or accident, customers can call the hotline 24/7 for help. The rescue personnel will arrive at the scene soon to provide services including jump start, water filling, tire changing, on-site repair, car towing and so on.

With the increasing number of payment methods, Sinopec will continue to provide consumers with high-quality and efficient services, including high-quality oil products, and standardized services at gas stations as well as extended and value-added services. Sipopec is committed to establishing closer relationship with its customers and enabling them to enjoy Sinopec’s diversified and personalized services.