Advancing the building of a Beautiful China with a better environment

To advance the building of a beautiful China, we have persisted with a holistic and systematic approach to conserving and improving mountain, water, forest, farmland, grassland, and desert ecosystems. To this end, we need to coordinate industrial restructuring, pollution control, ecological conservation, and climate change response, work together to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, boost green growth, and promote ecological priority, conservation and intensive growth, and green and low-carbon development. Moreover, we should improve the regulation of aggregate energy consumption and intensity, with a focus on controlling fossil energy consumption, to shift toward a system for curbing total carbon emissions and intensity.

Strengthening environmental management

Adhering to the management philosophy that "environmental protection is above everything", Sinopec has improved its management system, paid attention to environmental risk prevention ...


Boosting green operations

Sinopec integrates the requirements for ecological and environmental protection into all the links related to corporate production and operation; promotes the "green enterprise action plan"; implements clean ...


Addressing climate change

Sinopec follows the decision and arrangement of the CPC Central Committee and the state on carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and has integrated carbon emission control into the company's development ...


Protecting the ecological environment

Sinopec has attached great importance to ecological and environmental protection and observed the laws and regulations on environmental protection where it operates. It has tried to keep away from the fragile ...


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