Creditable cooperation for deepening mutual benefits

We will continue efforts to cultivate talent for the Party and the country and improve our ability to nurture talent at home. All this will see us producing first-class innovators and attracting the brightest minds from all over. We need to intensify efforts to implement the employment-first policy and improve related mechanisms to promote high-quality and full employment. We will accelerate the development of a modern economic system, and raise total factor productivity, so as to make China's industrial and supply chains more resilient and secure.

Empowering employee growth

Taking talent as the first and foremost resource, Sinopec has implemented the strategy of "strengthening the enterprise through talents", stressed and maintained legitimate rights and interests of ...


Improving customer experience

With its customer-centered approach, Sinopec has established its proprietary product and service brand system, and endeavored to promote innovation in technology, product, management, and business ...


Building a responsible industry chain

With its commitment to building a sustainable and responsible supply chain based on the principle of responsible and transparent procurement, Sinopec has improved the management of suppliers and ...


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