Pursuing a better life for people

We must strive to realize, safeguard, and advance the fundamental interests of all our people. To this end, we must do everything within our capacity to resolve the most practical problems that are of the greatest and of the most direct concern to the people. We will stay engaged with our people and their communities, adopt measures that deliver benefits to the people and win their approval; and work hard to resolve the pressing difficulties and problems that concern them most. We will improve the basic public services to raise public service standards and make public services more balanced and accessible, so as to achieve progress in promoting common prosperity.

Making tax payment

Sinopec follows tax laws and regulations, and makes tax payments in good faith. In 2022, it paid 350.9 billion yuan in taxes and fees, contributing to promoting national defense; science; education; culture ...


Participating in public welfare and charity programs

In pursuing overall development, Sinopec is involved in the public welfare and charity programs, and has established a social contribution system focusing on rural revitalization; social welfare; public welfare ...


Serving society wholeheartedly

Sinopec has implemented social service programs, such as rescue and relief; service for farmers; and service for major events to improve people's well-being and social harmony, making significant contributions ...


Key Topics