Leading sustainable development through lean management

An enterprise has not only economic and legal responsibilities, but also social and moral responsibilities. Any enterprise is part of the society, which is the arena for entrepreneurs to show their talent. Only by sincerely serving the society and fulfilling their social responsibility can entrepreneurs be recognized by the society and meet the needs of the time.

Improving CSR organization

Sinopec has set up the CSR Committee, which is responsible for coordinating CSR work across the Company, developing relevant policies and reviewing relevant documents. Sinopec is the first central ...


Deepening CSR integration

To ensure CSR philosophy to be part of management and operation, Sinopec, based on China's macro policies, CSR standards at home and abroad, the Company's development strategies and plans ...


Creating new modes of CSR communication

Sinopec values communication with stakeholders, improves the CSR communication mechanism, expands the modes of communication, and creates new channels of communication. Also, Sinopec ...


Advancing ESG building

Sinopec actively guides affiliated listed companies to operate more responsibly, strengths ESG management, and advances ESG practice in terms of risk management, complaint operation ...


Key Topics