Clean energy ensures safe supply

We will thoroughly advance the energy revolution. Greater efforts will be made to explore and develop petroleum and natural gas, discover more untapped reserves, and increase production. We will speed up the planning and development of a system for new energy sources, strengthen our systems for energy production, supply, storage, and marketing to ensure energy security. We will promote the integrated and clustered development of strategic emerging industries and cultivate new growth engines such as next-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, and green industry. Setting our sights on the global frontiers of science and technology, national economic development, the major needs of the country, and the health and safety of the people, we should speed up efforts to achieve greater self-reliance and strength in science and technology.

Coordinating the development of integrated industries

Sinopec shoulders the three core responsibilities of "ensuring national energy security, leading the high-quality development of China's petrochemical industry, and acting as a national strategic sci-tech force" ...


Accelerating the energy transition

Sinopec has actively embraced the reform of new energy, advanced its layout of shale gas, coal-bed methane (CBM), geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, photovoltaic, wind power and other clean energy ...


Leading modern chemical industrial sector

Sinopec has accelerated the implementation of President Xi Jinping's important instruction of building a "world-class, high-tech integrated" green base. It has been optimizing the layout and structural ...


Strengthening innovation drivers

Sinopec has always kept in mind the instructions of President Xi Jinping on "developing technology" and "maintaining a leading level", and shouldering the core responsibility of "the national strategic scientific and ...


Building a solid foundation of safety and security

Sinopec set an example in establishing the concept of safe development, strengthened the awareness of principal responsibilities of safe production, enhanced the construction of safe production mechanisms ...


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