Sinopec (Hong Kong) Ltd. launches its 5th PIT EV charging station

Recently, Sinopec (Hong Kong) Ltd. launched its 5th PIT (Power in Time) EV charging station at the car park of New World Tower in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. This station is equipped with 4 DC fast-charging points and 8 AC medium-speed charging points, thus it can accommodate 12 EVs in parallel.

Sinopec introduced the "Power in Time" or PIT model for the Hong Kong market to promote the "parking + charging" business. This station also marks the first collaboration between Sinopec (Hong Kong) Ltd. and New World Development Company Limited, showcasing the two companies' joint engagement in the development of green transport in Hong Kong.

Moving forward, Sinopec will continuously expand its EV charging services network, providing customers with a convenient and efficient charging experience while fostering the lifestyle of green mobility. 

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