Sinopec Tops China's Brand Value List with 389.201 Billion Yuan

It was announced on the 2024 China Brand Evaluation Press Conference&Forum that Sinopec’s brand value hit 389.201 billion yuan, an increase by 30.58 billion yuan. This made Sinopec top other Chinese brands for the first time and retain No.1 in China's energy and chemical industry for 8 consecutive years.

It shows that all the brands under the umbrella of Sinopec had their value increased. Sinopec EasyJoy convenience store, the non-fuel retailing service sub-brand of Sinopec, reported a brand value of 21.745 billion yuan, up by 1.048 billion. Sinopec Lubricant Company recorded 9.817 billion yuan, up by 1.379 billion., a B2B sub-brand and e-commerce platform for industrial products, posted 11.038 billion yuan, up by 1.026 billion; Donghai branded asphalt achieved a brand value of 5.723 billion yuan, up by 1.515 billion. And Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation (Sinopec Equipment), reported a brand value of 744 million yuan, up by 80 million.

This is the 11th consecutive year for China to announce its most valuable brand list. Sinopec will keep its commitment to “Cleaner Energy, Better Life” and continue to build a globally renowned brand.

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