Sinopec (Hong Kong) Ltd. Wins a Hong Kong Land Tender for a Charging Site

On June 6, Sinopec (Hong Kong) Ltd. beat nine other rivals and won a Hong Kong land tender for a charging site by the main section of Kai Fuk Road, Kowloon Bay. The land, within walking distance of several large malls, is located at a transport hub adjacent to tourist attractions and recreational facilities.

In recent years, Sinopec introduced the "Power in Time" or PIT model for the Hong Kong market to promote the "parking + charging" business.

The land will be transformed into Hong Kong’s first quick charging station (QCS) for electric vehicles. By providing convenient charging services for electric public light buses and private EVs, the QCS will be equipped with a 100 kW high-speed charging gun, and will significantly promote Hong Kong’s green transport.

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