employee growth

Taking talent as the first and foremost resource, Sinopec has implemented the strategy of "strengthening the enterprise through talents", stressed and maintained legitimate rights and interests of its employees, and cared for their physical and mental health. Moreover, it has deepened channels for talent building, and made constant efforts to improve the environment for employees' work, life, study and cultural development, promoting the common development of the enterprise and its employees.

Basic rights and interests

Respect for human rights

Sinopec observes domestic and foreign laws and conventions; respects human rights; pursues equality; and fights disregard and abuse of human rights. Employees of different nationalities, ethnicities, races, genders, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds are treated as equals, and the use of child labor and forced labor is prohibited. Labor contracts are concluded, performed, modified, rescinded or terminated in accordance with the law. It adheres to employee diversification and equal opportunities; equal employment of ethnic minority employees; and makes sure that female employees enjoy equal pay and benefits and career development opportunities, while actively building harmonious and stable labor relations. Sinopec has optimized the procedure for handling labor disputes; and established a case-specific record for dealing with public complaints, so as to prevent and reduce labor disputes, resolve labor disputes in a timely manner, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its employees.

Compensation and benefits

Based on the principle of connection with the value of the job, competence level and performance, Sinopec has established and improved an adjustment mechanism that links compensation and benefits with economic performance and labor efficiency. It has strengthened the overall salary incentive and built a multi-dimensional incentive system covering basic salary, performance bonus, insurance benefits, honors and recognition. Moreover, in accordance with relevant national and local policies and regulations, it has improved the system for endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, and housing provident fund, as well as enterprise annuity system to improve employee protection.

Democratic management

Sinopec has formulated Measures for the Implementation of the Workers' Congress of the Entities Directly Affiliated to Sinopec, clarifying the basic principles, scope of functions and powers, and organizational procedures for workers' congress development. Moreover it has established and improved the system for employee directors and supervisors. Specific shifts have been set up to study democratic management both online and offline to supervise and regulate the development of workers' congress. By making full of the "Internet + supervision" platform, it has further improved the effective channels for employees to express their opinions and appeals. Besides, it has effectively collected and dealt with proposals, and established and improved a closed-loop feedback mechanism for handling proposals. In 2022, it received 2,902 proposals from staff representatives, 100% percent of which were implemented and replied to.

Employee health

Improving working environment

Sinopec has developed the Guidance on the Implementation of Excessive Noise Hazard Control, and compiled the Guidance Manual on Excessive Noise Control for Petroleum and Petrochemical Enterprises, in a bid to promote advanced control technologies and management measures for curbing noise hazards. For key occupational hazards such as noise deafness and benzene poisoning, it has formulated targeted prevention measures to safeguard employee health.

Controlling occupational health risks

Sinopec has implemented the Healthy China strategy to promote health management of all employees. By carrying out random checks on the quality of occupational health physical examination reports, it has summarized and reported typical problems, and prepared measures for occupational health protection and management. Additionally it has conducted in-depth studies on the management of radioactive sources; strengthened radiation health protection; and improved automation of radiation health of radioactive sources and repositories. By holding a publicity week for promoting the Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law, and organizing monthly professional video training, it has improved its staff awareness and ability in occupational health protection. Besides, it has made headway in promoting the campaign to "be occupational health models", and endeavored to enable its health stations to benefit its production teams and front-line workers.

Caring for employees' mental health

Sinopec has also set up a mental health committee to evaluate employee health periodically, and improve their mental health. It has implemented the employee assistance program (EAP) service, and adopted scientific counseling methods for psychological intervention.

Career development

Improving the talent development system

Sinopec has formulated and implemented a plan for talent development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and medium and long term, to strengthen the enterprise through talent development during the new journey. In so doing, it has rolled out the "1+7+1" system documents; advanced the implementation of six major talent projects; improved six major talent lineups; and bolstered the six major talent development mechanism, so as to build it into an important talent aggregation center and an innovation highland in the field of energy and chemical industry.

Strengthening talent introduction

To build a more sophisticated talent pool, Sinopec has brought in top-notch talents through its "Double Hundred Plan". And it has adjusted key orientation for talent introduction based on differentiated standards. Separately, it has improved the selection and management of expert teams by optimizing such items as the number of expert positions, recruitment conditions, remuneration, as well as assessment and evaluation, so as to achieve whole-chain management of experts. By 2022, three chief scientists, 30 chief experts, 145 senior experts and 93 top technicians were recruited from the group company. Also, It implemented the central government's drive to stabilize employment, and added 23,100 jobs during the year. For four years, from 2020 to 2023, it has attracted more than 11,000 college graduates. Also, it has endeavored to provide jobs for retired soldiers and firefighters; increased recruitment and vocational training for rural migrant workers; and guided enterprises in facilitating vocational training for rural migrant workers.

Improving channels for talent growth

In a bid to attract all kinds of talents, Sinopec has continued to strengthen its talent growth channels and set up a mechanism for chief scientists and chief engineering technology masters. By expanding the talent development space, and optimizing the mechanism for connection among different ranks, it has improved the vertical and horizontal system for career development. Besides, it has promoted training for key personnel at all levels, such as managers, technicians, and international talents. Through the year, it organized 33 key training programs in 54 sessions with 5,732 attendances; and the Sinopec Network Academy saw cumulative learning of 55 million class hours. In a related development, it has endeavored to build a school-enterprise joint training model for talents; and deepened its cooperation with colleges and universities at home and abroad by making good use of its joint training platforms of post-doctoral workstations and mobile stations. And it has continuously boosted the model for personnel exchange and composite training; advanced the "three thousand" practice training plan; and held four national-level competitions and five group company-level competitions. Additionally, it has carried out the "Rising Sun Program" training system for young talents in a progressive and systematic manner by starting with newly-employed college graduates, aiming to serve the corporate development strategy, and strengthening career planning for new employees. In 2022, thanks to its successful practice and the innovative measures in the training system, Sinopec won the 2022 Continuing Engineering Education Enterprise Leadership Award conferred by the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE), a non-official organization affiliated to the UNESCO, making it the only award-winning Chinese enterprise in the past decade.

Strengthening training for overseas employees

To improve overseas project teams based on the integrated system, Sinopec has explored the mode for training international talents based on levels and specialties; strengthened the training for international talents, international professional backbones and international talent reserves; carried out training for overseas project managers, international trade managers, international financial talents, foreign-related law compliance talents; and organized pre-intermediate training for the strategic reserve team of talent reserves. In addition, it has worked to promote the institutionalization and standardization of overseas labor relations management; and made good use of overseas talent training bases such as that in Saudi Arabia to improve caliber and skills of local employees.

Caring for employees

Nurturing a "family culture"

Sinopec advocates the core philosophy of "interdependence between the enterprise and employees", nurturing a "family culture" at the oil (gas) stations, depots, and terminals, and enriching the "family culture". It has been committed to turning its primary depots and stations into better homes featuring "warmth, safety, progress, and harmony", and increasing its employees' sense of happiness and belonging.

Visiting to families of employees

Sinopec has improved the long-term mechanism for "visits to families of employees", and motivated officials at all levels to visit grass-roots teams and enter the families of employees to listen to them and address their problems. Trade unions at all levels within the group company have benefited on a regular basis.

Caring for retired employees

In keeping with the idea of "enabling retired employees to live a happy life is our responsibility", Sinopec has practiced "respecting and caring for the elderly wholeheartedly". Using field visits and other means, it has provided retirees with targeted, personalized and family-oriented services. Moreover, it has worked to carry out activities to show respect for the elderly, creating a strong atmosphere for respecting for the elderly within the whole system through multiple channels like the "petrochemical retirees" WeChat public account. In 2022, over 90,000 visits were paid to sick and hospitalized retired employees, and the company organized 310,000 health check-ups for retired employees, besides offering 18,000 aids to retirees with special difficulties.