With its customer-centered approach, Sinopec has established its proprietary product and service brand system, and endeavored to promote innovation in technology, product, management, and business model, to inject vitality into its brand competitiveness, and to strive to improve product quality and service, creating a better life together with its customers.

Non-oil businesses

As a non-oil business brand of Sinopec, Sinopec Easy Joy has expanded into businesses like automobile service, advertising, catering and coffee to meet diverse needs. Also, it has accelerated the development of automobile services, taking the total of service outlets to 9,313. In addition, it has created a new-type digital product "car maintenance card"; and promoted the implementation of the pilot program for integrated automobile service projects, exploring business models for automobile sales. It has also accelerated the introduction of renowned brands and regional fast food brands -- 15 new international brand restaurants and 153 new regional brand restaurants, with a total of 1,472 outlets. And, it promoted the electronic screen media network, taking the total number of media to 32,000 pieces. In 2022, it logged 38.05 billion yuan in operating revenue for its non-oil businesses, up 8 percent year on year; and 4.31 billion yuan in operating profit, up 6 percent from a year earlier.

Product quality

In an effort to deliver high-quality oil products, Sinopec has focused on quality risk control in the selling process; and established a whole-process quality management system covering "procurement, storage, transportation and sales". In the procurement process, it has established an internal control index system for oil outsourcing to prevent quality risk; and improved the supplier management system to cement a "firewall" for procurement. In the warehousing process, it has established a complete laboratory network; built a professional management and inspection team and improved the quality inspection system; and implemented management of oil products to ensure quality control. In the transportation and sales processes, it has carried out the whole process, high-standard quality management in accordance with the system requirements. It has provided customers with safe products by promoting IT-based quality improvement and established an intelligent quality control mode.
For chemical sales, it has continued to follow the concept of "quality first", and "quality is the lifeline of an enterprise"; and focused on integrity, service and responsibility. It has coordinated and integrated the quality management systems of the regional companies; abolished the original inefficient quality management model; and clarified the quality responsibilities and rights corresponding to each level and position. Moreover, it has devoted itself to business operations in accordance with law and in good faith; and paid great attention to market response to resolve customer complaints efficiently.

Customer service

Based on improved content and pre-sales, during-sales and after-sales customer service, Sinopec has established multi-level customer communication channels featuring unified customer service center and 95388 manual telephone service; supplemented intelligent robots; created 95388 SMS, email, and WeChat accounts; set up a petrochemical E-trade platform, and created Meanwhile, it has endeavored to promote its national unified membership APP; developed a unified evaluation platform for real-time customer satisfaction evaluation; and carried out monthly mystery customer inspection, maximizing service quality.
It has upgraded and launched the "Easy Joy Refueling" APP, providing convenient services such as "one-click oil/gas refueling"; "online recharging"; "appointment for oil pick-up"; "delivered to car"; "delivered to home"; and "online billing". The mobile App "I want to buy oil" tailored for major customers of refined oil products has launched a new function "one-click oil delivery", contributing to more convenient, accurate and efficient delivery, and ensuring customers are satisfied. Moreover, it has provided free road rescue services for users of refueling cards and registered cards in 21 provinces and cities across the country. If fuel card customers need free road rescue in case of vehicle failure or accident, they can call the 24-hour hotline of "Sinopec thanks you for using oil services".