on production

To meet China's opening-up at higher levels and speed up the "going global" strategy, Sinopec takes active part in international cooperation on energy and market competition, optimizes global deployment with the focus on the countries along the Belt and Road, and advances overseas oil and gas exploration and development, oil refining and sales, chemicals and new materials, and engineering and technical services in a coordinated manner, in an effort to support the sustainable development of global economy and society. In 2022, Sinopec operated in 66 countries and regions overseas, with 286 projects underway.


Sinopec Shengli Directional Well completes drilling the first well in the CPA project in Mexico

In November 2022, drilling of Well ALTAMIRA1098 Sinopec, for which Jingwei Shengli Directional Well Co., Ltd. provided technical services, was successfully completed, with positive oil and gas indications. As the first key horizontal well the Mexico-based CPA company deployed on the ALTAMIRA plot in 2022, the horizontal well features a short and medium radius and a slim hole, and thus involves a shallow kickoff point, a high build-up rate and other construction challenges.

Right after the construction task was assigned, Shengli Directional Well Co., Ltd. kickstarted the "regional construction" mode, in which technicians leveraged the well construction experience in the same region, identified the rules of well deflection in various stratums, and developed a detailed trajectory control plan based on improved selection of screws and drilling tools. During construction, bit pressure, rotary speed, displacement and other drilling trajectory parameters were fully used to reduce slide drilling, improve drilling speed and ensure a round and smooth trajectory. Drilling the inclined section took only 35.5 hours, strongly supporting subsequent operation.

Sinopec signs an LNG storage tank construction contract with Sonatrach

In February 2022, the consortium consisting of Sinopec Guangzhou (Luoyang) Engineering Co., Ltd. and Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation signed an EPC contract on LNG storage tank construction with Sonatrach, which involves an investment of US$183 million and a construction period of 40 months. Located at the Port of Skikda, a natural gas export terminal in the east of Algeria, the project includes dismantling two 76,000 m3 LNG storage tanks and building a 150,000 m3 LNG storage tank and supporting facilities instead, and supplying and installing the equipment that connects the proposed storage tank to the new LNG loading system at the Port of Skikda.

Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Engineering Institute sees the project in Cameroon accepted

Located in the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest of Cameroon, MOCOCO ABANA is a highly porous and medium-high permeable unconsolidated sandstone oil reservoir that's similar to the marine guantao formation in nature. Gas lift is adopted in the preliminary stage, and electric pumps and submersible screw pumps are used in the later stage. Some electric pumps and submersible screw pumps currently see a short inspection cycle, which curbs the development of the oilfield.

The Shallow Sea Division of Shengli Oilfield Engineering Institute analyzed the problems arising from the oilfield development in terms of the liquid feed capacity of the oil reservoir, technical parameters of electric pumps and submersible screw pumps and supervision and management of construction operation. In December 2022, the project "Analysis of Reasons behind the Short Inspection Cycle of Electric Pumps and Submersible Screw Pumps at MOCOCO ABANA Oilfield" was accepted and highly recognized by the overseas project company in Cameroon. The Cameroonian side proposed long-term cooperation on plan preparation, water injection and chemical flooding to promote the offshore oilfield development.