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In compliance with the laws and regulations on safe production both internationally and in the places where it operates, Sinopec keeps improving safety management by completing the safe production management system, ensuring safety-related input, strengthening protection against safety risks, organizing safety training and refining overseas public safety management, in an effort to bolster the foundation for development. Sinopec highlights the protection of the environment and ecosystem, applies the green philosophy to the whole process of overseas operation, and steps up efforts in environmental management, clean production, green construction and biodiversity protection, so as to join the global move to meet climate change and protect the earth.


Sinopec supplies the first ultra-silence drilling machine to Uganda

In March 2021, Sinopec Central Plains Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid for the supply of 3 drilling machines to Total in Uganda for its remarkable performance in overseas market. In August 2022, the first ultra-silence drilling machine for the Uganda project was shipped from Guanghan, Sichuan.

Total's Uganda project is located in Uganda Forest Park, which is a UN natural reserve under tough environmental requirements. Sinopec develops and produces the drilling machines for the project. Integrating several new technologies, the 1,500HP low-displacement and automated silence drilling machine is one of the most automated and advanced onshore drilling machines with the lowest noise available so far. Painted in camouflage, the drilling machine is equipped with dimmable lights. Moreover, the noise reduction device can bring noise under 55 decibels, the waste recycling system enables zero discharge of waste solid or liquid, and the generator set has a tail gas exhaust and energy consumption system that can reduce carbon emissions by more than 90%. So, it's an advanced environment-friendly drilling machine. The project is of exemplary significance to the efforts across Sinopec to implement China's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, join the Belt and Road construction and move into high-end markets, and is a great practice of intelligent and green manufacturing by China.

Sinopec's green drilling crew helps create an oasis in Kuwait

The green drilling crew campaign is aimed to make full use of resources, save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment. In active response to the initiative, Kuwait Branch of Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation carried out a series of environmental protection activities. In energy conservation, it replaced all the damaged lights with LED lights and the light switches in public places with inductive switches, set air-conditioning temperature at 26℃, and started or shut diesel engines according to working conditions, which resulted in a notable drop in energy consumption. In environmental protection, it arranged waste treatment sites for recycling of different types of waste, recycled oil base mud to ensure it not to land on the ground, and planted trees in deserts to make the mining environment greener. The efforts led to the crew seeing diesel consumption 14% less than other crews, and were highly recognized by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.