With a global vision, Sinopec localizes employment in places where it operates. Sinopec protects employees' rights, cares about employees' physical and mental health, and strengthens talent training to promote the growth of overseas business and the development of local talents. Also, Sinopec fully respects the customs and cultures of the places where it operates, organizes a variety of activities among employees, and drives cultural exchanges and fusion, to increase the sense of belonging and cohesion among employees. In 2022, Sinopec employed 33,600 persons overseas, which made up 73.8% of its overseas workforce.


Sinopec's Ecuador subsidiary localizes employment and promotes cultural exchanges

Upholding the principle of localized employment, Sinopec's Ecuador subsidiary strictly abides by the labor laws and regulations of Ecuador, trains and uses local management and technical talents, increases skill training for local employees, and learns from world-famous companies to build an international operation and management team. Local employees comprise more than 80% of its local workforce, and include 10-plus disabled persons, which contributes to local employment and yields positive social benefits. In addition, the Company puts people first, recognizes cultural differences, respects local religious beliefs, customs and cultures and living habits, and guides Chinese and foreign employees to celebrate respective festivals and cultures. The Company highlights cross-cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign employees, and facilitates teambuilding through healthy running, China-Ecuador Food Festival, football and basketball matches, and Family Day, among other activities, to forge a stronger bond inside the team.

"Cameroon Petroleum Talent Training and Development Initiative" promotes talent development

The Cameroon Branch of Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (SIPC Cameroon Branch) has run the "Cameroon Petroleum Talent Training and Development Initiative", which was launched in 2011, for over a decade, and formed three steady channels for talent training and development. The first is the internship program, under which 54 local university or vocational school students underwent a 3-month paid internship at SIPC Cameroon Branch, 16 of whom were trained jointly with four local universities under cooperation agreements. The second is the on-the-job drill program, under which 83 students who graduated in 2022 or 2021 experienced a 4 to 6-month on-the-job drill at SIPC Cameroon Branch. The third is the on-the-job training program, under which 12 new graduates received an 18-month on-the-job training at SIPC Cameroon Branch. SIPC Cameroon Branch has devoted nearly US$200,000 to paychecks under the talent training programs. Implemented at the same time, the three programs secure training of local reserve talents and become paths pursued by local young people.