​​Sinopec localizes procurement to drive local industrial development. Sinopec develops community engagement plans, and supports the development of local education, public infrastructures and healthcare to promote community harmony. Also, Sinopec encourages employees to join community voluntary services, works for better ties with local governments and communities, and serves local communities through real actions.


Sinopec supports public infrastructure construction to help African people lead a better life

Leveraging its expertise in construction, CGCOC, a company affiliated to Sinopec Star Petroleum Co., Ltd., has undertaken a number of infrastructure projects, including water well drilling and road and bridge construction, in Africa. Through high-quality livelihood projects, it merges into local communities and contributes to local development.

Easing the access to drinking water for African people: In Senegal alone, CGCOC has built 978 centralized water supply sites, 169 water cart-based water points, and 193 livestock water troughs, which covered 12 of the 14 regions in Senegal. Since it was launched in 2019, the rural well drilling project has effectively solved the water supply problem for over 2 million local people. Also, the Zobe water plant, which CGCOC constructed in Katsina State, Nigeria, was put into operation, supplying clean water to nearly 1 million residents in Katsina City about 60 km away and the villages and towns along the pipeline. This makes the access to water easier for local households, farms and businesses.

Participating in local infrastructure construction projects:In February 2022, reconstruction of the 63.75-km-long first section of Yaunde-Bafoussam-Bamenda Highway, which CGCOC won the bid for, was successfully completed. As the only way between Yaunde, capital of Cameroon, and Bafoussam, capital of a major province in the west of Cameroon, the rebuilt highway greatly shortens the time of material transport, facilitates travelling by local people, supports development of neighboring areas, drives economic development along the way, and is of great significance to urbanization.

Sinopec helps build water plants in Nigeria to solve the water supply problem

Sinopec tells good Chinese stories through books

Sinopec Africa Office introduces a rich variety of Chinese books to Africa and tells good Chinese stories through the books, so as to increase cross-cultural exchanges. Egyptian Chinese University is designated as the place to keep the donated books, and selected Chinese books are placed on the special shelves in its library. The books cover areas including country governance, Belt and Road Initiative, traditional Chinese culture and TCM, playing a positive role in helping local teachers and students learn about China, Chinese language and specialized knowledge. Also, Chinese books shelves are arranged at Sonatarch Library and GSS oilfield, where local employees and residents are invited to learn about Chinese culture.

Sinopec starts Phase II "Beauty for You" Youngster and Child Growth Support Program in Hong Kong

In August 2021, Sinopec collaborated with New Home Association and launched the "Beauty for You" Youngster and Child Growth Support Program in Hong Kong. The program has been well received by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, supported families and all circles of the society, and listed by Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association as one of the top 10 public welfare activities that connect Chinese enterprises to communities. In August 2022, Sinopec started Phase II of the program, donating HK$2.8 million to New Home Association together with the Social Welfare Department. Under the program, 210 students will be selected from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, particularly those living in subdivided flats, as the targets of support to broaden the horizon and improve personal abilities.