Energy and Chemical Industries

Sustaining Beautiful Life

Sinopec will accelerate the development and expansion of new energies, new materials and green and environmental protection industries, and promote the clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient utilization of energy. Sinopec, adhering to the innovation-driven development strategy, seeks to improve the innovation capacity, drive to further apply the internet, big data, AI, etc., to various industries, and cultivate new technologies, industries, business activities, and modes.

Energy Transition

The global energy supply is now in a diverse-energy era with clean energies at the dominant position. Sinopec carefully implements the "four revolutions, one cooperation" national energy security strategy, takes the initiative to follow ...


High-end Chemical Industry

New materials are a leading industry in the national economy, and a key guarantee for constructing a powerful manufacturing country and the development of a national defense industry. Sinopec constantly improves independent innovation ...


Scientific and Technological Innovation

Sinopec deeply implemented the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy, adhered to the "Four faces", focused on the construction of industrial pattern of “one foundation, two wings, and three new growth points”, and pushed forward ...


Safe Operation

Sinopec continued to complete the HSSE management system, improve the safety management mechanism, and strengthen the implementation of responsibility. Sinopec promoted a three-year action plan for improving work safety ...