Production and
operation with
safety and

Sinopec has studied and implemented the important remarks from President Xi Jinping on safety production; and boosting the development of the HSE management system. The company has deployed and carried out several specific actions, such as the three-year action of special programs to address safety problems, "accidents free in a hundred days", "five inspections and five stricts", so that the overall situation of safety production and business operation can be stable and secured.

HSE management system

Sinopec revised and issued the Management Manual for HSE Management System to promote the systematization, standardization and scientization of HSE management. It has also organized the trial examination of the management system to improve the suitability, sufficiency and effectiveness of the HSE management system.

Hazard prevention and control

Risk identification, control and treatment

Emergency management in safety production

Sinopec has established an emergency management system with a clear hierarchy and explicit responsibilities; in which the main leaders take the overall responsibilities; the branch leaders focus on specific tasks; the business department takes charge of the projects; the safety department is accountable for supervision and relevant departments involve in other aspects of the system. The company has improved its emergency plan and built a system of "1 overall + 10 specials".

The company follows the emergency management principle of "early emergency" and has strengthened monitoring and early warning so as to take immediate countermeasures to avoid the spread and escalation of incidents. In addition, it follows the principle of "corporate-wide emergency" and has carried out emergency response training and emergency drills for all employees to improve their response to emergencies. The company has implemented the "135" principle of emergency disposal and established a spot check mechanism for emergency drills at the grass-roots level. It has also organized corporate-wide emergency drills to improve the response to major hazards of high sulfur gathering and transmission pipelines. In 2021, the national hazardous chemicals emergency rescue team (Puguang team) was named the first "advanced group of the national emergency management institutions".

The Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber held the 20th Competition of Fire Fighting Safety Skills

Operation safety

Sinopec carried out on-site investigation and discussion on the work permit, improved the "7 + 1" safety management system for direct operation links, and optimized key points with concentrated contradictions and risks such as JSA and operation monitoring. The management procedures and contents of the work permit have been standardized, so as to improve the operability and rationality of the entire system. The company advanced the technology of electronic ticketing by incorporating the on-site confirmation of safety conditions and the on-site issuance of work permits into the entire program. It also developed energy isolation, anaerobic operation and several systems which were urgently needed, and implemented reporting management of high-risk "bilateral" operations.

Transportation safety

Sinopec has figured out the basic situation of oil and gas long-distance pipelines; sour gas pipelines of high sour gas fields and inter-refinery pipelines, and formulated specific measures in terms of responsibilities; supervision classification and new technology promotion. According to the requirements for flood prevention and fighting natural disasters, the company has investigated the risks of water pipelines and peripheral reservoirs; and implemented risk prevention and mitigation measures, so as to secure pipeline safety in the flood season. It also researched management standards for sour gas pipelines in high sour gas fields, aiming to provide technical support for reducing the safety risks for sour gas pipelines. Additionally, the company revised and issued the "Regulations on the Transportation of Hazardous Materials", which has standardized the consignment, transportation, loading and unloading, as well as the vehicles access and parking, so that the management and control of risks of hazardous chemicals transportation are boosted. It has also sped up the online trial operation of the hazardous chemicals transportation safety management system; completed the data access and development of the six main functions, such as transportation monitoring; early warning and alarms; and statistical analysis and presentation, so as to build an information-based supervision platform with an early warning system in a hierarchy and closed-loop management.

Public security

In line with the requirements of public safety for industry in China, Sinopec has promoted the major objectives of public security and terrorism prevention. The company guaranteed public security during the 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China; the "two sessions" (National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference); the China International Import Expo and other major conferences. It has also formulated a corporate-wide special emergency plan to counter natural disasters and the "Specifications for Risk Assessment and Prevention of Geological Hazards", for special treatment of geologic hazards of enterprises in Sichuan province and Chongqing city.

In keeping with the principle of "people-oriented, development with security and putting prevention first", Sinopec stresses overseas public safety management and has constantly improved its overseas public safety management system, actively carrying out an overseas public safety risk assessment and arranging public safety training programs to build up physical and mental health of overseas employees. The company will continue to promote safety inspections and improve people's ability to respond to emergencies. It also collected and analyzed information on risks; and issued advance notice about country risks and early warning for security. The company has had "zero deaths" related to overseas public security for 14 consecutive years.