Key Topics

Creating a CSR reporting system and spreading CSR stories in diverse ways

Fulfilling CSR, creating social values and promoting sustainable development is a mission endowed by the CPC Central Committee to central enterprises in the new era, as well as an inevitable path to high-quality development and world-class enterprises. Based on the "3 steps and 10 methods" theory for CSR management, Sinopec keeps improving CSR management and innovative CSR practice, and continues to enrich the forms of communication dominated by CSR reports, so as to forge its image as a responsible brand.

Creating the "1+N+M" reporting system and building a brand highlighting CSR communication

After years of practice, based on national strategies, social concerns and stakeholder demands, Sinopec has developed the "1+N+M" reporting system and a regular release mechanism. To be specific, "1" refers to the annual CSR reports of the Group, "N" refers to special issue reports, and "M" refers to regional reports. The purpose is to increase communication and exchanges through a variety of reports, spread it CSR philosophy and practice, improve brand reputation and enhance its soft power.

Communication through diverse channels to tell good stories of CSR performance by Sinopec

Sinopec publicizes CSR reports through websites, press conferences and media release, among other ways, to promote CSR information to be effectively spread, received, analyzed and responded to and make more stakeholders learn about its stories about CSR performance.

In May 2022, Northwest Oilfield, Tahe Refinery and Xinjiang Petroleum, Sinopec affiliated enterprises in Xinjiang, jointly held a press conference for the "Sinopec in Xinjiang" CSR report

In February 2023, Sinopec released the CSR Report of Sinopec on the 10th Anniversary of Helping Dongxiang, Gansu Province with Poverty Alleviation (2013-2023) in Dongxiang County