Key Topics

Promoting brand-building in an all-round way to boost Sinopec's "signature brand"

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to Chinese brand building, calling for "efforts to promote the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands". In February 2022, when presiding over the 24th session of the Central Committee for Deepening Overall Reform, President Xi Jinping stressed the need to "accelerate the development of a number of world-class enterprises featuring excellent products, outstanding brands, leading innovation and modern governance".

Over the past four decades since its establishment, Sinopec has always underscored brand-building, and made efforts to build globally renowned Chinese brands, vigorously promote the company's brand building capacity and improve its brand value, covering all sectors ranging from diverse products to high-end technology; from traditional industries to emerging fields; and from livelihood protection to public welfare undertakings. According to the 2022 China brand value evaluation information, Sinopec's brand value was 327.571 billion yuan, with a five-year growth of 33%, ranking first for six consecutive years in the energy and chemical industry.

Building outstanding brands for world leadership

Sinopec has made a difference in building a world-renowned Chinese brand, highlighting its responsibility as "a great power" in the process of strengthening the country through brand building, and promoting professional brand management and operation capabilities with reference to the practice of world-class enterprises. In so doing, it has established an influence corresponding to its size and strength, making its brand which is tenable, popular and powerful.

In December 2021, Sinopec held its first brand building conference, making an arrangement for its deployment during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and for its medium - and long-term development. It proposed to boost its brand strategy; beef up its brand management and operation capabilities; and improve brand value, in a bid to build it into a world's leading brand. In 2022, Sinopec worked to nurture a prominent brand as a central enterprise to make its brand which is tenable, popular and powerful; and taking the lead in developing the internal enterprise brand benchmarking system and platform. Focusing on brand strategy, brand management, brand communication, brand guarantee, brand initiative and group company rating, Sinopec finished brand benchmarking of 131 entities within the whole system, with its brand strategy implementation rate hitting 93.89%. A total of 122 enterprises established mechanisms for brand integration business; and many developed plans for brand-building in light of their realities.

Sinopec's "Deep Earth Project" communication was dubbed a 2022 China Brand Innovation case. Chairman Ma Yongsheng attended the 2022 China Brand Forum and gave a keynote speech

Characteristic positioning makes the brand tenable

Taking innovation as the source of brand building; quality as the lifeline of brand-building, and green and low-carbon development as the focus of brand-building, Sinopec has established the most stable cornerstone and the most powerful support for its brand building with first-class petrochemical technologies, products and services. In recent years, Sinopec has focused on the brand awareness of "innovation for a better future and responsibility for a better life", exploring the framework model of a "single main brand + a few quality sub-brands". Focusing on improving its brand power, and creating a small number of business brands with high added value and differentiated market demand, Sinopec has given play to the synergies of main brands and sub-brands, highlighting the core competitiveness of its brand. So far, it has nurtured a number of sub-brands with global influence, including excellent technology brands and top product, service, and ingredient brands.

Telling brand stories makes its brand popular

Sinopec has devoted itself to brand building in the whole industry chain, and endeavored to build an omni-media brand communication matrix, consistently seeking value and emotional resonance with the audience. With the brand commitment of "cleaner energy, better life", Sinopec tells the stories on its energy transformation for creating a better life for people globally, so that more people know more about it.

By providing "cleaner energy", Sinopec tells stories of clean energy and green products, creating emotional connects and winning value recognition from its stakeholders. For instance, Sinopec led the research and development of the Winter Olympic torch, producing the world's first Olympic torch shell made from carbon fiber composite materials. Besides, its innovative use of hydrogen energy and carbon fiber technology enabled a green Olympics, creating a good reputation.

Sinopec provides people with quality products to meet their aspirations for a better life. Through its efforts, Sinopec has nurtured some influential social responsibility brand stories, such as "Sinopec Lifeline Express"; "The Gas Station That Cares - A Better Road Home"; "Driver's Home" and "Love Station". In the battle against poverty, Sinopec has offered paired assistance, which has helped lift eight counties out of poverty. Moreover, it completed the building of 16 melt-blown fabric production lines in just 76 days, expanding its production capacity to ensure supply.

Enhancing the brand identity makes its brand powerful

Upholding its people-centered development philosophy, Sinopec has intensified its efforts to meet public demand, covering the whole process of scientific and technological innovation, manufacturing, quality management, marketing services and fulfilling social responsibility. Working for a better life at a higher level and in a wider range, it has been recognized by various sectors, making its brand image "popular" and "powerful". Based on to the concept of "quality is always a top priority" and "every drop of oil is a promise", Sinopec is dedicated to quality management throughout the whole process of its production and operation, creating an industry quality benchmark, and promoting brand vitality with top quality. In pursuing innovation, Sinopec has endeavored to develop into a technology leader, and become part of the scientific and technological force of national strategic importance, propelling innovation in technologies, products, management, and business models. In so doing, it has injected vitality into its brand competitiveness. To accelerate green development, it has fostered low-carbon transition of traditional energy sources and nurturing environmentally friendly brands by enhancing energy supply security.