Key Topics

"The Gas Station That Cares - A Better Road Home" through 10-year dedication

Around the Spring Festival, migrant workers join the Spring Festival transportation rush, yearning for family reunions despite cold weather and long distances. Sinopec launched "The Gas Station That Cares – A Better Road Home", a large-scale public welfare program for migrant workers returning home by motorcycle or in minibus in 2013, and keeps this program in service, providing free services, including fueling; porridge; ginger tea; lounges; and baby care rooms.

10-year dedication

In the past 10 years, more than 50,000 volunteers have benefited more than 4.4 million motorcyclists; and more than 55 million people going home during the Spring Festival. After 10 years of operations, The Gas Station That Cares – A Better Road Home has become a well-known public welfare brand in China, and won honors such as Superior Achievement in Branding and Reputation Awards; The Gold Standard Award for Corporate Citizenship; and the China Youth Volunteer Service Project Silver Award, among others.

​Innovative services

On January 17, 2022, the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush, Sinopec restarted "The Gas Station That Cares -- A Better Road Home" large-scale public welfare campaign, involving a total of 243 gas stations in Guangdong, Guangxi and Jiangxi.

"1+10+X+1" free services

Sinopec continued the "1+10+X+1" services, providing nearly 20 kinds of services, such as simple healthcare for those who traveled, stayed put and worked during the Spring Festival.

Complimentary "luck bags" and "food parcels" for the Spring Festival

Sinopec worked with 15 enterprises including Easy Joy and Great Wall Lubricant to offer 10,000 free "lucky bags" to migrant workers who stayed put in Guangdong province for the Spring Festival; and 35,000 free "food parcels" to truck drivers who remained at work during the festival. Meanwhile, the 824 Drivers' Homes and 119 Love Stations in the province operated around the clock during the festival, providing sanitation workers, delivery men, and other outdoor workers with breakfast, hot drinks, lounge areas, and other services.

Free delivery of Spring Festival purchases

Due to the pandemic, many migrant workers chose to work and stay put during the Spring Festival. Sinopec worked with EMS to set up outlets for free mailing service at 20 gas stations in seven cities, including Guangzhou and Foshan, offering 10,000 places for free delivery of Spring Festival purchases. Successful applicants could mail 20 kilograms for free. So far, "The Gas Station That Cares -- A Better Road Home" has provided more than 50,000 free deliveries.​​