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Important breakthroughs made in "Shendi Engineering Project"

China's deep and ultra-deep oil and gas resources account for 34% of the country's total, with high resource abundance and large reserves. The deep and ultra-deep strata have become the main location of major oil and gas discoveries in China. Sinopec has closely integrated the promotion of the "Shendi Engineering Project" with the implementation of the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation", continued to make efforts in research, exploration and development in the deep oil and gas fields, and become a leading force in China in this field.

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In oil and gas exploration and development in China, strata with a depth greater than or equal to 4,500 meters are defined as deep strata, while that with a depth exceeding 8,000 meters are defined as ultra-deep strata, and wells with a vertical depth exceeding 9,000 meters are defined as ultra-deep wells. The shallow and medium-depth oil and gas resources in China have entered the late stage of exploration, development and production, and the exploration and development of deep oil and gas resources is an important part of the deep exploration of the Earth.

Strengthening efforts to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies and advancing toward the "underground Mount Everest"

With the advancement of technology and the depletion of medium and shallow oil and gas resources, 60% of the world's new oil and gas reserves in recent years now come from deep strata. At 8,000 meters underground, we reach the ultra-deep strata where the oil is buried. But at such a depth, it is not easy to find oil and gas, because the deeper you go, the higher the formation temperature, which can reach 180-200 degrees Celsius, or even higher. In such a situation, even the hardest metal becomes "cooked noodles", and ordinary materials and instruments cannot function.

Sinopec is continuously doing theoretical research, comprehensively increasing its efforts to tackle key scientific and technological problems, overcoming technical problems, and has formed a theoretical and technical system for ultra-deep oil and gas exploration and development through independent research and development, laying a solid foundation for oil and gas exploration and production in the "underground Mount Everest".

Continuously developing geological theories

Sinopec took the lead in breaking through the "barrier" of ultra-deep oil and gas exploration of 8,000 meters, and proposed the suppression mode of hydrocarbon generation in marine source rock, the collective reservoir formation mechanism and the oil and gas accumulation mode of ultra-deep fault-controlled fracture-caverns under the conditions of "low ground temperature, high burial depth and high pressure", developed the theory of ultra-deep fault-controlled fracture-cavern hydrocarbon accumulation, enriching and developing the theory of marine hydrocarbon accumulation.

Continuing to achieve breakthroughs in exploration and development technology

Sinopec developed the ultra-deep reservoir stereoscopic imaging technology and fracture body fine engraving technology, which are equivalent to CT scanning of the deep strata of the earth, with the accuracy of fault identification improved from 30 meters to 15 meters. The company mastered advanced ultra-deep oil and gas drilling technology, achieved results in technologies such as ultra-high-strength casing, drill pipe, drilling fluid, measurement and control instruments, and completion testing tools, and developed a set of 8,000-meter-class complex ultra-deep wellbore structure design and supporting technologies and standards with Shunbei characteristics, realizing a major leap from "unable to drill" to "drill rapidly and accurately".

"Shendi-1 project" launched to further exploration in Xinjiang

The Shunbei oil and gas field is located in the central and western area of the Tarim Basin. The reservoirs are ultra-deep, with high temperature and high pressure. The average depth of the reservoirs is more than 7,300 meters. It is one of the deepest commercial oil and gas fields on land in the world, and also an important representative of Sinopec's efforts of drilling the ultra-deep layers of the earth. Sinopec has continued to increase its exploration and development efforts, made breakthroughs in Shunbei No.1, No.5, No.4 and No.8 fracture zones, and established four 100 million tonne-level oil and gas areas. This marked the successful exploration and development of this world's deepest oil and gas field. In August 2022, Sinopec named the Shunbei Oil and Gas Field "Shendi Engineering Project· Shunbei Oil and Gas Field Base", which is the first oil and gas project named "Shendi" in China. The Shunbei Oil and Gas Field Base is known as "Shendi-1". At present, there are 46 wells with a vertical depth of over 8,000 meters in "Shendi-1". The average depth of oil and gas wells there is the highest in the country, and the deepest directional well is 9,300 meters, breaking the record for the deepest in Asia. These wells can be called "underground Everest".


In June, the Shunbei 802X well tested a high-yield industrial oil flow of a daily output of 226.7 tonnes of crude oil, 1.257 million cubic meters of natural gas, and an oil and gas equivalent of 1,228 tonnes.

In August, the Shunbei 803 inclined well tested a high-yield industrial oil flow of 1,017 tonnes of oil and gas equivalent.

In December, the key exploratory well in the No.2 fracture of Shunbei Oil and Gas Field – Shunbei 21 inclined well – tested a daily oil and gas equivalent flow of 1,242 tonnes, with a depth of 8,836 meters. It was the 20th ultra-deep 1,000-tonne-level well of "Shendi-1", and also the first exploratory well in Shunbei Oil and Gas Field achieving a major breakthrough in the large branch fault zone.

"Shendi Engineering Project" is a pillar of deep oil and gas exploration

In 2022, Sinopec launched "Shendi Engineering Project -- Shunbei Oil and Gas Field Base", "Shendi Engineering Project -- Jiyang Shale oil Base" and "Shendi Engineering Project -- Sichuan-Chongqing Natural Gas Base". In addition to the breakthroughs in the Shunbei Oil and Gas Field, Shengli Oil Field has built a national demonstration area of shale oil in Jiyang, with an annual increase of 1.15 billion tonnes of controlled reserves + predicted reserves. Qijiang Shale Gas Field -- another medium-deep shale gas field in the complex structural area of the Sichuan Basin margin -- was developed, with the first phase of proved geological reserves exceeding 100 billion cubic meters. In the future, Sinopec will continue to promote the "Shendi Engineering Project", increase the exploration and development of deep oil and gas, fully improve the exploration and development capacity of deep resources, continue to promote the development and application of forward-looking, leading and exploratory technologies, and provide strategic scientific and technological strength to ensure national energy security.

Shendi Engineering Project · Shunbei Oil and Gas Field Base is named Shendi-1, China's first oil and gas project named after Shendi