Technological Innovation​​

Key Research Development Areas

Exploration & Production Technology

Exploration technology for marine sedimentation

Exploration technology for

continental sedimentation


Refining Technology

Refining Technology​

Refining & chemical integrated


Chemical Technology

Olefins & Aromatics production technology

Basic organic raw material production


Utility Engineering Technology

Safety technology

Energy saving technology


Major technologyR&D For New ProductsNew energy

In 2016, we focused on mode turning and structure adjusting, quality improvement, quality advancing and efficiency increase and upgrading, implemented innovation-driven development strategy with great efforts, deepened the reform of technical system and mechanism, exerted itself to tackle problems about major and key technologies, and made fully play of the power of scientific innovation...


Technological Innovation and IT

By seizing the new round of historic opportunities for scientific revolution and industrial reform, we positively implemented national information strategic requirements. It took “intelligent manufacturing” and “Internet +” as main lines, and initiated the integration of informationalization and industrialization to accelerate ...

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