New energy

Sinopec is positive to make use of the biomass liquid fuel to partly replace fossil energy, can receive required transportation fuel and energy products, and can realize to the natural environment CO2 zero discharge. In biomass liquid fuel, we have set foot in fuel ethanol, biodiesel, and began the cellulose ethanol technology, micro algae biodiesel technology and biological fuel technology research and development. Successful development of SRCA method of biodiesel production technology and complete industrial test; Already and the Chinese academy of sciences in the new energy co-operation and common development micro algae biodiesel complete technology; And airbus, eastern airlines in biological fuel application of cooperation, has been in hangzhou refinery industry device to succeed in producing qualified biological fuel products.

In 2011, the Chinese petrochemical industry in the development and utilization of clean coal made great progress, and the independent research and development S - MTO technology, in zhongyuan petrochemical built methanol feed 600000 tons/year MTO industrial demonstration plant, and a drive success. Fee - Joe synthesis, synthesis gas system glycol, syngas system such as methane technology development are made new progress. By strengthening the petroleum chemical industry and coal chemical industry technology organically, to realize the strategic development of China petrochemical established.